Lifestyle Photography | Tips for Brides | Rudy & Marta Photo

lifestyle photography

Lifestyle Photography isn’t necessarily new.  I’ve met some photographers that excel at it on Facebook and locally.  There’s an art to it that seems so simple.  It’s so easy to tell a couple/family/subject, “Just act natural.  Pretend like I’m not here.  Act as if I wasn’t here to begin with.”  These are simple terms.  Yet… Read more »

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Falcon’s Fire Wedding | Lisha & Jay | Rudy & Marta Photo

falcon's fire wedding

This Falcon’s Fire Wedding was beyond belief awesome.  The groom and the groomsmen took the time to get fresh hair cuts in the morning.  I’m a huge advocate for guys taking the time to get some fresh cuts before the wedding.  It’s the least they could do before starting to get ready for the ceremony…. Read more »

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Winter Park Engagement | Michelle and Justin | Rudy & Marta Photo

winter park engagement

This Winter Park Engagement Session was unbelievably awesome.  There are so many times when we go to Winter Park already knowing where to go and knowing what to do.  This time was different.  We weren’t able to go to our normal go to spots because it was a Saturday.  Needless to say, it worked out… Read more »

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Clean Bridal Room | Tips for Brides | Rudy & Marta

clean bridal room

A clean bridal room is something that can be somewhat difficult.  You’re in the midst of things getting ready for your wedding.  The last thing that you want to think about is whether or not the room is neat.  That’s okay.  Ask someone to help you with this small detail.  It can be anyone, whether… Read more »

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Groom Getting Ready Pictures | Tips | Rudy & Marta


Groom getting ready pictures are one of the things that we love about weddings.  It’s all of this energy that builds up before finally getting married.  There’s nerves going crazy and butterflies in stomachs.  Some people show it while others don’t.  Some people have small stories that arise throughout the day.  There are so many small… Read more »

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Baby Rudy | Small Update | Orlando Newborn Parents


Something happened.  I’m sure you’ve realized it.  We’ve been quiet for a bit.  There hasn’t been too much of a radio silence.  We’ve been trying to stay active on our Instagram account.  We’ve been trying to stay on top of things, but we’re getting ready for a special little surprise.  We have Baby Rudy on… Read more »

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Develop Workshop | Review | Central Florida Workshop

2015.01.15_The Develop Workshop_RMP-9

The Develop Workshop was developed and presented by Amalie Orrange and Ashley McCormick. Both of which have their own respective businesses and have been successful in their own way.  I met Amalie at an ABC Networking event that was held at Bella Collina.  Needless to say, it was a pleasure meeting her.  The meet up… Read more »

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