Baby Rudy | Small Update | Orlando Newborn Parents


Something happened.  I’m sure you’ve realized it.  We’ve been quiet for a bit.  There hasn’t been too much of a radio silence.  We’ve been trying to stay active on our Instagram account.  We’ve been trying to stay on top of things, but we’re getting ready for a special little surprise.  We have Baby Rudy on… Read more »

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Develop Workshop | Review | Central Florida Workshop

2015.01.15_The Develop Workshop_RMP-9

The Develop Workshop was developed and presented by Amalie Orrange and Ashley McCormick. Both of which have their own respective businesses and have been successful in their own way.  I met Amalie at an ABC Networking event that was held at Bella Collina.  Needless to say, it was a pleasure meeting her.  The meet up… Read more »

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Gay Weddings | Same Sex | Orlando Wedding Photography


Gay Weddings are starting to slowly become a part of the norm, as it should be.  Here in Florida we have a unique positioning on everything that happens in the world.  There have been a couple of times that I forget that we’re in the South.  Sometimes, people have to remind me that we’re in… Read more »

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Propogation | Coffee Shops | Orlando Wedding Photographers


Propogation has a story.  Don’t get me wrong, every company has a story, but there’s something special about this place.  Immediately when I first walked in, I noticed it’s simplicity.  This is a coffee shop.  The menu has slowly expanded since the grand opening back in March, but Propogation stays true to it’s roots.  It… Read more »

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Southern Hospitality | Peachtree House | Photography


Southern Hospitality isn’t seen as often as I’d like.  I’ve met plenty of people that live in the South that haven’t really shown traditional Southern Hospitality.  In Puerto Rico, there’s a certain level of kindness and love that’s there when someone invited you into their home.  The same practice is seen all across the world… Read more »

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Peachtree House Engagement | Session | Orlando Photographers


This Peachtree House Engagement Session was something that seemed like it was meant to be.  Tammy and Huy met us through another pair of photographers, Nate and Lori.  We met at Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen over at Park Avenue, which is where I meet some couples near that side of town.  We could tell that they… Read more »

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Bok Tower Gardens | Engagement Session | Photographers

Gabi and Gabe Engagement-2

Bok Tower Gardens has always been able to grasp our hearts and soothe it with the peace and tranquility felt there.  The first time that Marta and I went there was on a recommendation of a friend.  They went ahead and told us that it was a place like no other.  They knew that we… Read more »

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