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Wedding Timeline and 3 Ways to Make it Rock | Wedding Tips

This is a doozie.  I’ve had people treat this with all sorts of levels of respect.  From following it religiously, to well…not.  Personally, I’m a “let’s have a wedding timeline to sort of stick by, but if time is needed then screw it” type of guy.  You can’t force something that’s natural.  Love is natural.  Who cares if you want to spend more than the allotted time on your vows?  It’s your day.  Regardless, some brides have a tough time figuring out how they want their day.  Of course, you could always get an event planner.

1.The Event Planner

Bonnie from Mobella Events rocks at making sure everything is done in an orderly fashion so you can have an awesome day.  I would always recommend going with a professional over trying to take the reigns and taking charge.  I’m no good at plumbing, so I call a plumber.  I suck at event planning, so I call an event planner.  They’re the ones that make sure everything that needs to be happening is happening.  You don’t have to stress over anything. Have your planner share the wedding timeline with your photographer.

“Have your planner share the wedding timeline with your photographer.”

2.Have a Plan

Sometimes your budget is stretched a little thin, and you aren’t able to get an event planner.  What do you do?  I am no event planner by any means.  I have a tough time planning my way out of my house.  What I can recommend is planning an 8 hour day.  8 Seems to be the magical number.  You can use those eight hours any way you want, but no matter how you use it, it just seems to work. Either way, have your wedding timeline planned out.

3.The Sample

Like I said, I’m no wedding planner, but here’s a sample that I’ve come up with.  It’s just time spans for everything, so you can fill in what time you want it to start and end.  Our wedding timeline:

Wedding Time line


6:30 PM
Walk down the aisle to “I won’t give up”- Jason Mraz
Ceremony starts, should last 20 minutes
After kiss and announcement as husband and wife-  “True Believers”- Darius Rucker

Announce cocktail hour: immediately following ceremony

7:40 PM
Bridal party entrance: “Enter your Birdal and Groom Party Here”

Bride & groom enter; Announce as: Mr. and Mrs. Whateveryourlastnameis

Set to: Ya’ll ready for this- Jock jams

Announce 1st dance immediately upon entry: God gave me you- Blake Shelton

7:45 PM
Announce Dinner by tables:


Announce Father / Daughter dance:
Song 1: My Girl- the temptations
Song 2: Unforgettable- Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole

Immediately following Father/Daughter

Announce Mother / Groom dance: A song for Mama – Boyz II Men

Announce toasts: Bridal Party only

Maid of Honor/ Best Man. Possibly other groomsmen toasts

Immediately following toasts is cake cutting: Sugar Sugar- The Archies

10:55 PM

Garter Removal: Ain’t no other man- Christina Aguilera

11:00 PM

Announce Bouquet toss: Single Ladies- Beyonce

11:10 PM

Announce Garter toss: Inner Circle- Bad Boys

11:15 PM

Garter placement: Hot in here- Nelly

***Last song to be played by 11:20 PM so that we can go outside for the lighting of the wish lanterns. DJ to make this announcement!

I hope this sample wedding timeline gives you all some sort of idea to prepare for your big day.  Just remember that the sample is a very vague look at a wedding day.  There are several ways to go about it.  It’s your day!  You can do whatever you want and however, you want to. 🙂

Until next time,


P.S.  If you have any questions on a wedding timeline or would like to elaborate on something, then please feel free to comment on something or email us directly at

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