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Wedding Venue | Historic Dubsdread | Rudy & Marta

This past Sunday I went to meet up with a bride at a wedding venue.  That wedding venue was the Historic Dubsdread, or better known as the Taproom at Dubsdread.

I woke up pretty early (8:30 AM is pretty early for me, folks), took a shower and got things ready for the meeting.  I slapped on my vest and put on my bow tie, ready to impress.  Something about it all got me pretty excited.  I’ve always been fond of golf courses….er…I mean country clubs and the type of beauty that they can portray.  The neatly trimmed lawn and cared for garden can usually make for some of the best wedding venue sites for photography.  Obviously, it’ll make for a great wedding day as well.  Regardless, something about this place screamed awesome, so I eagerly drove across town to check out the venue.

“That wedding venue was the Historic Dubsdread or better known as the Taproom at Dubsdread.”

As I drove up, I was a little taken aback by the sheer openness of the venue.  Something like this smack dab off of Par Street being so open left me slightly bewildered.  All I could think about was, “Is this the right place?  Is this the wedding venue we’re meeting at?”

A quick drive around the parking lot and I kind of, sort of figured out where I was going.  I got out of my car and started walking to the Taproom.  I had no idea where I was going, but I did know that there was a meeting to take place in five minutes and that I had to head to the venue.  I walked up to someone that seemed to be setting up the tables on the patio, I asked her where the venue or banquet hall would be at, and she took me through the back of the house and lead me towards the banquet side of the building.

I went to, what seemed to be, a foyer.  I sat there and waited.  They had some photography books from other weddings that had taken place there and were photographed by other photographers.  It definitely wasn’t my style of photography, but I could appreciate it for what it was.  Anyways, after looking at all four books, I started looking around.  I couldn’t help but notice this extravagant ballroom that had a feeling that was so quaint and so warm.  The wood floors creaked as I walked about checking every corner of the room.  You could tell that the walls had seen many stories told within them;  you could tell that families had come together and grown here.  Feelings like that are hard to find in a wedding venue, but it seems like the Historic Dubsdread is one of them.  I’m a sucker for Instagram, so I grabbed my Android and took a couple of shots while I waited.

wedding venue


“You could tell that the walls (in the wedding venue) had seen many stories told within them;  you could tell that families had come together and grown here.”

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue


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