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Unplugged Ceremony | 3 Weddings Tips | Rudy & Marta Photography

Unplugged weddings.  It seems simple enough.  In today’s world we’re constantly and continuously connected with other people.  People use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even use MySpace to help share with other people their daily lives.  At a wedding, it’s a moment of love.  It’s a moment of happiness.  Why wouldn’t you want to share that with the world?  In the end though, just like texting and driving, your attention is divided.  Your attention isn’t on the celebration and witnessing the start of a new family.  Share with you friends.  Spend some time with them.  Celebrate the wedding at hand.  Here are a few things that you can do to help have a good unplugged wedding.

Unplugged Wedding Tip #1:

Make sure from the get go that people are aware of the fact that it’s an unplugged wedding.  Put it on the save the dates.  Put it on the invitations.  Put it at the entrance of the ceremony hall or where ever you’re going to have your wedding.  Seriously, even the smallest bit of a heads up can make the biggest thing when tearing people away from their cameras and phones.  It’s honestly one of the best ways for everyone to have an awesome time during the ceremony and the reception (if you want).

Unplugged Wedding Tip #2:

Tell them why.  Most people have grown so attached to their social outlets, that they’ve gotten rusty when it comes to socializing.  If you’re going to dish out thousands upon thousands of dollars for this wedding, then you better make sure that your photographer/videographer gets the shots that they need.  More often than not people tend to get in the way of the photographer and videographer.  I’ve seen people ruin phenomenal pictures because they want to get that same shot.

Unplugged Wedding Tip #3:

Just have Fun.  Seriously, people aren’t going to be tied down by their phones.  They won’t be checking to see if they got any new notifications or extra lives on Candy Crush.  It’s all about the bride and groom.  Simple as that.  Get married.  Have fun.  And forget about the technology and social websites.

Below is a couple of examples from one of our first weddings.  I wish this was an unplugged wedding.  There were so many people that go in the way of getting those magical shots.

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

This guy pulled out his iPad during the ceremony and came up to get the placing of the ring shot. I was on the left, but that’s easy to Photoshop out. Working around multiple people is rough and usually leads to a cheap looking final product.

Orlando Wedding Photographer

This is the same guy, but he had a point and shoot. He really wanted to get that shot. 🙂

Orlando Wedding Photography

The brother of the bride photographing right next to Marta instead of enjoying the wedding.

Long Boat Key Club Wedding

There is the brother of the bride setting up his tripod in the middle of the ceremony.

See…here’s my thing.  Most brides know that they want to have a wedding photographer that has the same artistic vision that appeals towards their tastes and likes.  It’s pretty much common knowledge that a photographer is going to be part of the wedding expenses, so why ruin the final product of the bride and groom?  Why get in the way of the creative process if the bride and groom (or their parents) paid the photographer/videographer thousands of dollars to provide that service and experience?  This is why an unplugged wedding is the way to go.  Everyone can focus on the ceremony.  Don’t worry, most photographers usually have some sort of way of sharing those images with their clients.  Everyone will be able to see the ceremony and all it’s glory.  The beauty of an unplugged wedding is that right after the ceremony you can give back all that was taken to help capture the reception.  It’s ultimately up to you.  It’s your day.  Don’t let it be ruined by people trying to be the paparazzi.  Don’t let people be That Guy!



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