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Comfortable Posing | The Emotion Behind the Lens | Rudy & Marta

Modern posing, along with modern photography, is something that many people in the industry aren’t too familiar with.  I mean, some people get it.  They’ve realized that a new wave of couples are starting to hit the wedding industry and they’re looking for that unique experience that’s memorable.  People are looking for that candid, comfortable posing photographers.  That comfortable posing that doesn’t feel forced or fake.  If it was my wedding day, then I’d like to look romantic and relaxed.  The last thing thatt I would want would be cheesy images from 1980’s that somehow still popped up in today’s wedding industry.  That’s stuff that will make it to Awkward Family Photos.

Don’t get me wrong.  There will always be couples that look more for that old school, traditional look, especially in the south.  There’s still a strong group of like minded young individuals that are looking at going into something that’s a bit more comfortable.

Some photographers call it flow posing.  Others call it candid posing.  I’ve even heard that style of posing called action posing.  There’s some people that have taken that style of posing and created things with it.

“Beloved…helped us develop our very own set of comfortable posing techniques that have changed the way we photograph our couples.

For example, Beloved is a set of really great techniques that take the awkwardness from any sort of session.  It’s a very powerful set of techniques that we’ve been using for about half of the life of Rudy+Marta Photography.  Marta and I work differently with a camera because of Beloved.  More than anything else, it helped us develop our very own set of comfortable posing techniques that have changed the way we photograph our couples.

Mainly, the reason why we stick with comfortable posing is because you can always tell when someone is uncomfortable in photos.  You’ll be able to tell in the images when a wedding photographer goes and takes some photographs of a couple in a pose that doesn’t feel natural or is forced.  The biggest giveaways are in the hands and on the faces.  If they feel uncomfortable, then they’ll look uncomfortable.

Look at your wedding photographer’s work if you’re about to get married.  Ask them what happens during an engagement session or the wedding portrait session on the day of the wedding.  See what it is that they offer.

Most of the time wedding photographers, let alone any photographers, have some sort of portfolio showcasing some of their work.  You’ll be able to see what kind of work they have and what they are willing to do as far as photography.  You’ll be able to see if they have that comfortable posing down packed.

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