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Relaxed Deland Engagement Session | Stetson University | Caitlin & Jeremy

If there’s anything that I can say it’s this.  Caitlin and Jeremy are probably the most relaxed couple we’ve ever photographed.  When we met them, we got the vibe that they were pretty chill.  It got even more apparent during their relaxed Deland engagement session.  When we were talking about their engagement session locations, they decided to go with where they first met.  It was my first time at Stetson University in Deland, FL.  I had no idea what to expect.

Their Candid, Relaxed Deland Engagement Session

Like most engagement session, the first couple of minutes were a bit awkward.  They were quicker at becoming more natural than most couples.  As we walked around the campus we stopped by a couple of spots that they suggested on campus.  The campus itself is gorgeous, but the spots Jeremy and Caitlin took me to were beautiful!  There were tall, thin palm trees surrounded by lush greenery.  It was awesome!  And they fit right into it all.  Caitlin wore a summer dress and Jeremy was so chill with his shorts and linen shirt.  We talked about their date and their wedding ideas and inspiration while I was photographing them.

Their Relaxed Deland Engagement Session ended with their Dog

Caitlin and Jeremy saved the best part for last.  They asked a friend to watch their dog nearby.  When it was time, they brought the dog over to take pictures with them.  It was awesome!  He was a little wild at first since he saw a bunch of people he didn’t know on campus.  After a few minutes, he calmed down.  At least that’s how it was on the surface, but you could tell that he was excited.  I knew that there was a pup that was ready to run around.  In the end, their engagement pictures came out awesome.  Check them out below.  Tell us what you think in the comments.

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