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Clean Bridal Room | Tips for Brides | Rudy & Marta

A clean bridal room is something that can be somewhat difficult.  You’re in the midst of things getting ready for your wedding.  The last thing that you want to think about is whether or not the room is neat.  That’s okay.  Ask someone to help you with this small detail.  It can be anyone, whether it’s one of your bridesmaids or a close relative.  The big thing is that once the photographer arrives, they can take large pictures of you in the room.  You’ll be with your bridesmaids.  You’ll be getting ready and having a good time.  Don’t get me wrong.  We love detail shots and getting pictures of you getting ready, but overall we want to capture the entire room.  We want to capture it in a way that puts the entire perspective into a positive light.  If it can’t be done because of space, then that’s okay.

“A clean bridal room is always something that makes things easier and faster.”

The images below have nothing to do with a dirty area, Tammy had a ridiculously clean room.  That’s kind of what made us realize that maybe this is the way it should be (clean bridal room FTW).  Marta’s favorite time of day is the getting ready part, by the way.  Something about it all always gets her excited.

A clean bridal room is always something that makes things easier and faster.  I always tell couples that we try to knock things out quickly.  We like to be efficient.  That way when things start to move, we’re ready.  Nothing moves faster than people getting ready on the day of their wedding day.  Newly weds can attest to this.  Your day will pass by quickly.

To sum it up, keep a clean bridal room.  Your mom will thank you.  Your bridesmaids will appreciate it.  We will appreciate it.  Remember that you don’t have to do it.  Get a friend or relative to help you throughout the day.  We know that the bridesmaids have to have their makeup and hair done as well.  They can’t pay attention to having a clean bridal room the entire time.

badgley mischka wedding shoes

bridal make up

a clean bridal room

bridesmaids helping bride

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