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Lifestyle Photography isn’t necessarily new.  I’ve met some photographers that excel at it on Facebook and locally.  There’s an art to it that seems so simple.  It’s so easy to tell a couple/family/subject, “Just act natural.  Pretend like I’m not here.  Act as if I wasn’t here to begin with.”  These are simple terms.  Yet some people can literally act like they’re not there, while others thrive on being the center of attention.  I’ve heard plenty of times from parents of couples that praise us for being in the shadows and not trying to direct the scene.  Apparently a lot of photographers do this?  I had no idea.  Is this seriously a thing?

“Wedding photography is a combination of photographic practices in one.  Lifestyle Photography is only a part of what we do.”

Wedding photography is a combination of photographic practices in one.  Lifestyle Photography is only a part of what we do.  I want to focus on this more than anything else here though.  We make sure that day is recorded in a photo journalistic manner that has evolved into our form of Lifestyle Photography.  There are very few interruptions from the photographer.  Wedding photography is actually a pretty powerful way of utilizing the aspects of Lifestyle Photography as a whole.

We go through an entire wedding without every really messing with people.  We let them get ready for the ceremony and event.  Most importantly, Marta and I line up the rest of the party while we let the couple be.  Our passion is to tell your story through our eyes.  I won’t lie to you, there are times when an opportunity arises in order to get the best wedding photograph possible.  When it does, as long as it’s not bothering anyone, we’ll get things set up and ready to go in order to get that awesome shot.

It’s weird being photographed in that fashion, but eventually you get used to it.  Then things kind of fall into place and it all makes sense.  Let us be in the shadows.

All in all, it depends on the individual photographer, but for there are people that simply believe in the fly on the wall approach.  That’s what we want to excel at.  That’s what we practice.  Above all else, that’s lifestyle photography.

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