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Family Photos | Formals | Rudy and Marta

I went up for a session to St. Augustine recently.  I went up there to take some family photos for a friend of a friend.  It was awesome and right on the beach.  It was a little hot.  I’ll be honest.  There was a nice breeze that was going on that kept things a little cool.  We left the beach house and started walking towards the beach.  It was almost a block before we finally hit the beach.  The kids in the family started to run around.  They were going around and running all over the beach.  They were playing and laughing.  Most of all, they were just being kids.  It was awesome.  I love the beach.  I wish I could go there more frequently.  Especially with Olie.

“How would I ask Olie to pose for our family photos?  Would I take the lifestyle route?”

The moment that the family hit the beach, they started trying to rile in the kids and get them to line up for a photograph.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I think some of these photographs are some of the most important.  After the years come and go, you’ll start to remember that one day where the family got together.  The image you pull out isn’t the artistic one that the photographer took of your children, but the one where everyone is lined up.  The photograph where everyone is perfectly posed.  The one where everyone is smiling and looking straight into the camera.  Yet, as the parents were trying to calm their kids for the family photos, I started to think about how I would handle my own personal family session.  How would I ask Olie to pose for our family photos?  Would I take the lifestyle route?

Consider this a B-Side to the Family Photos that I’ll be delivering to the friend of a friend.  It’s not something that I think that they would pick as their “go to image” for the day, but I still feel like there’s something there.  Like I captured their true selves.  They aren’t photographs of a bride and groom in some epic location.  I know, they’re just family photos and nothing super artistic, but I still hold them dear.  Check them out.

mother and child

st Augustine beach

grandpa and granddaughter

grandpa st augustine

wind blowing at beach

little girl at beach

family photos

kids playing in pool

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