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Rainy Day Wedding | How to Prep | Rudy & Marta

Prepping for a rainy day wedding in Florida is kind of like driving around with a spare tire.  You’re pretty sure you’re going to need, you just don’t know exactly when.  Being a wedding photographer means that we work with all sorts of situations.  Sometimes we work with big budget, banquet hall style weddings (almost completely indoors).  Other times, we work with a more DIY backyard wedding.  A few months ago, that was just the case.

Marta and I were working on photographing this wedding and things were going well.  Everything was going smoothly as we were prepping for the day.  We always check the weather to make sure that everything that we plan a week in advance goes according to plan.  Then again, there’s no way to control it.  We can change our plans accordingly.  This time around, we had a rainy day wedding in our hands, which is completely and totally fine.  Heck, I’d like to think that this was one of our first rainy day weddings.

We kind of had to think on our feet as we made things happen.  The ceremony was happening in a church, which was a little more traditional than our normal outdoor, in-the-woods wedding ceremonies, but that’s okay.  With the amount of rain that was seen that day, it worked out.  We’re sitting there photographing the wedding and doing our thing.  The bride mentioned several times beforehand in our conversations that the reception was on a private property and that everything was going to be awesome because of the farm house, which was where things were going to be happening.  We arrive to the address and it’s still raining.  It’s not a straight up downpour, but it’s pretty much a May shower in February.  Very quickly, I realized that Marta and I had to rock the heck out of a not-so-ideal situation with this rainy day wedding.

“The tent was perfect for a rainy day wedding.”

Our couple did something smart though, they ordered tents to be delivered and set up beforehand.  Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, one of Orlando’s best rental companies, got everything for them set up and ready to go.  It worked out beautifully.  They had a clear ceiling, so the natural light that was there made all the rain pop.  The tent was perfect for a rainy day wedding.  The DJ also had their own little tent for their turntables, which greatly helped.  To be frank, those tents saved the day for the reception.  Honestly, I’d recommend a tent for any outdoor wedding that either doesn’t have a plan B or it has to be outside.  Florida weather is just too risk to have a rainy day wedding without one.


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Photography: Rudy & Marta
Floral: The Flower Studio
Cake: Sofelle Cake Artistry
DJ: Our DJ Rocks
Bar and Staff: Orlando Party Servers
Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

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