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Lately I’ve been going thinking to myself, “What is the best advice that I could give a real bride that is going to have a real wedding?”  There are so many things that come to mind.  I mean, we’ve seen all sorts of things happen at weddings.  We’ve seen everything from delayed flights to traffic jams and hour long delays.  It’s how we handle the issues that pop in that makes or breaks the day.  The thing with a lot of people is that they don’t see the many fires that happen throughout the day.  Heck, most are simply trying to make sure that everything stays together and no one trips over their own feet.

What if I told you that every wedding has at least one fire?  What if I told you that having a real wedding run completely perfect is extremely rare?  Throughout my thinking about advice and insight that we could provide, this was one of those things that constantly came up.  I never really knew how to go about it.  I’ve actually typed up this post a few times and ended up deleting it because it didn’t feel right.  It didn’t feel like it was the “right” way of going about things.  I wanted a post about your real wedding to feel and sound right.

I was on Facebook this past week, and I ran into this article that Huffington Post wrote about.  Interestingly enough, it hit a few of the topics that I wanted to touch base on.  Anyone that has worked with us knows that we don’t pose couples.

“When your real wedding happens, you’ll know that simply being you will be all you need to be.”

We try to keep things as real as possible.  This to us is the best way to get candid wedding pictures.  We play little games to help break the ice.  When your real wedding happens, you’ll know that simply being you will be all you need to be.  Obviously, there are some people that need that extra push to get into the right pose, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  That’s what tequila is for anyways.

“The idea of a perfectly executed real wedding is unrealistic.”

The idea of a perfectly executed real wedding is unrealistic.  Life just doesn’t work that way.  Things are bound to happen.  A wedding is a perfect storm for something to happen.  There are so many moving parts throughout the day.  You’d want to make sure that you have some help with everything.  That’s why we always with the flow.  We make sure that things are captured that way for a reason.  Just live your life and we’ll make sure that we are at the right place at the right time.

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