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Wekiwa Springs | Stephanie and Andrew | Rudy & Marta Photo

Earlier in the year, we had an engagement session in Wekiwa Springs.  The session was a hit with all of our couples. It went super well and the couple was amazing.  Their wedding was amazing as well.  Usually, we like to ask our couples where it is that they’d like to have their engagement session.  A lot of couples asked for Wekiwa Springs after that first session.  We didn’t take every couple to the springs, but we did take a few there.  Wekiwa Springs quickly became one of our favorite engagement session locations.

Stephanie and Andrew were one of those couples that we couldn’t help but take to Wekiwa Springs though.  They wanted something outdoors that would be the same as their actual wedding day, which will be at Bramble Tree Estate.  Can’t wait for their wedding day!  Their engagement session at Wekiwa Springs was so natural.  It was full of very candid and emotional moments.  At the end of the day, they were able to get comfortable in their skin super quick.  The only downside to the day was that there were a lot of bugs that were out there.  They bit all of us.  My mom actually freaked out a little when she saw us after the session.  We had little red bites all over the place.

“Wekiwa Springs had just finished having a prescribed fire.  All of the foliage was charred and black.”

We started working and magic happened.  The weather was perfect.  It was a little muggy at first, but it quickly cooled down and got comfortable.  These two were up for anything.  Wekiwa Springs had just finished having a prescribed fire.  All of the foliage was charred and black.  Stephanie and Andrew were all about it.  They didn’t care about the charred woods and they went for it.  We were there.  We got some unique images.  Most of all, we had a blast.  Wekiwa Springs treated us well and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to have an engagement session.  Can’t wait for Stephanie and Andrew’s wedding at Bramble Tree Estate!

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