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Post Wedding Session in Puerto Rico | Gabi and Gabe | Rudy & Marta

This Post Wedding Session is to die for!  It was an experience of a lifetime.  We were able to really get into the nitty gritty of who we are as photographers and who Gabi and Gabe are as a couple.  Their wedding was beautiful, sincerely.  It was something that we will always be able to recall with such clarity.

“A post wedding session was something that we had all talked about since the beginning.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime for them.”

A post wedding session was something that we had all talked about since the beginning.  After all, it was the opportunity of a lifetime for them.  How many times would they be able to get these images?  How often would they be putting on their wedding attire on in the middle of Old San Juan?  After the wedding and the hangovers were over, Gabi got her make up done.  She got her hair in an up-do again.  Gabi put her wedding dress back on.  Gabe put on his suit and got ready as well.  We met at the lobby of the hotel, which was pristine and empty.  Everyone else had left and gone to their tourist attractions of choice.  Marta and I were so excited.  We couldn’t help but love the idea of getting this session started.

They had rented a van in order to get around San Juan, but it seemed perfect to use during the post wedding session.  Marta and I were in the backseat looking around for cool spots.  We were all talking about which spot to hit up next.  After all, we wanted them to be able to have the best images possible.

During the post wedding session we were everywhere.  In the middle of the session we had ice cream and took a break.  Afterwards, we went to a hidden beach and played a bit in the sand.  After it was all said and done, it was was one of the best sessions that we’ve had it awhile.  Check these images out.

old san juan wedding

old san juan session

old san juan wedding

modern bride puerto rico


plaza de las palomas boda

puerto rico door old san juan couple

fidgeting with rings

old san juan boda

contemporary couple puerto rico

yellow doors wedding couple old san juan

pareja moderna viejo san juan

veil photo in old san juan

puerto rican bride

novia en viejo san juan

viejo san juan

walking bride in puerto rico

post wedding session

kissing couple puerto rico

GQ Photograph in Old San Juan

post wedding session

groom post wedding portrait

couple walking across the street

bride walking to el morro

novia viejo san juan

el morro pareja

modern wedding portrait puerto rico

contemporary wedding portrait old san juan

couple holding hands old san juan puerto rico

puerto rico destination wedding

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