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Candid Wedding Photography | 4 Secrets to Have The Best Pictures | Rudy & Marta

Candid Wedding Photography is awesome.  Let’s be honest.  Everyone wants those images that are full of emotion and look real.  I believe that having those images makes it feel like you actually had a real wedding.  Don’t get me wrong.  Some couples want those wedding images of them in a completely unrealistic setting, and that’s okay.  I wouldn’t want that though.  There’s a reason why we have real couples and real weddings.  We love seeing actual emotion.  We would rather have someone that’s gushing emotion, than someone who is looking to just have pretty pictures taken of them.

Here are some tips that couple helps out with your candid wedding in mind.

Candid Wedding Photography Tips

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to be Yourselves

    We see couples all the time on their wedding day try to pose or look into the camera.  Trust me when I say this, candid wedding photography isn’t candid when you’re looking into the camera or striking a pose.  Marta and I are known for keeping it real.  For being down to earth.  If you feel that way, then it’ll come out in the images.  If you feel awkward, then it’ll show in the images too.  We try to make couples feel comfortable so that they can be themselves.  Every photographer should.  A soft touch in guidance may be needed, but that’s what photographers are for.

    candid wedding photography

  2. Make Time for the Pictures

    Saying “I do” and right after the kiss, there’s a slew of emotions should be rushing through you.  You should have your heart pumping and maybe on the verge of tears.  It’s a beautiful thing that just happened, and I would assume that sheer excitement and joy should be up there on the list of emotions.  Don’t be afraid to take the time to let it all in.

    “Make sure that you have more than enough time in the timeline to fit some candid wedding photography in there.”

    Depending on the ceremony time, most timelines usually allow an hour or so for photographs after the wedding.  Get time in there for the formals.  We’ll take care of things and make things happen.  Going through those emotions will take time, but it’ll be worth it.  Make sure that you have more than enough time in the timeline to fit some candid wedding photography in there.

    wedding photography at paradise cove orlando

  3. Consider the First Look

    In some countries, the First Look is the standard.  For some reason, it hasn’t fully been picked up here in the south.  Brides and grooms should take some thought in this.  There’s plenty of pros and cons to it, but the biggest pro is that after the ceremony you actually get to spend time with your friends and family instead of with us.  Though we’re pretty cool to hang out with, we swear.  Plus, you get to have a private, intimate moment with your loved one that’s perfect for candid wedding photography.  The only con is that you kill the tradition where women were married into power to either bring up a family in stature or to exchange for goats.

    wedding first look at rollins college

  4. Add Some Booze

    Seriously.  Nothing gets you showing your true colors like a shot or two of the good stuff.  We’ve seen people do it all the time.  They’re nervous, so the person with the flask gives them a shot of their stash.  There’s always someone with a flask at weddings.

“Having a good time is part of what works best with candid wedding photography.”

In the end, all we want you all to do is to have a good time.  Having a good time is part of what works best with candid wedding photography.  Just enjoy yourself and the fact that you married your best friend.  Hire a photographer that you trust and enjoy hanging out with, and everything else will fall into place.

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