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Park Solacki Engagement Session | Ewelina & Hubert | Rudy & Marta

Park Solacki was a park that I wish we had here in Orlando.  It was more beautiful than any of our favorite engagement session locations in Orlando.  There were so many places that we were able to find in this place.  I mean, it was huge, which was a plus.  The thing that we loved more than anything else was the cool, calming nature of the place.  There were people running around, dogs barking, kids laughing in the background.  It was busy.  I felt like that was a good thing.

“Park Solacki was perfect for our style.  We were able to really get a diverse amount of images.”

For me, it was my first time there.  I’m sure that Marta had been there at least once as a kid, but that didn’t matter.  It seemed like it had changed so much over the years that it was hard to tell what was new and what was old.  Park Solacki was perfect for our style.  We were able to really get a diverse amount of images.

I would say that the one thing that held us back was the amount of light that actually came through.  We were trying to get the light that gave off that warm glow that we’re known for.  The thing that we didn’t account for was the insane size of the trees that were in Park Solacki.  These trees had a size that was so unheard of.  I mean, it was completely and totally unexpected.

We made the best of it though.  The entire time I was walking around with my hand in front of me looking for the best light.  It was a little difficult, to say the least, but we made it happen. Ewelina and Hubert were super chill about it and they were up for anything.  By the end of the day, they surprised us in a very Polish way.  They got us a pack of delicious, traditional Polish Beer.  We were so surprised and we weren’t expecting that at all.  Ewelina, Hubert, if you’re reading this, then dziękujęmy (we thank you in Polish).  The flavor was to die for.  Enough about our experience though.  Check out our images from the destination engagement session below. 🙂

park solacki

park solacki engagement session

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