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How to Have a Stress Free Wedding | 4 Wedding Tips | Rudy & Marta

I think we’ve all seen it happen in the past.  We’ve all been to weddings.  We believe that a wedding shouldn’t stress out newlyweds.  It’s always one of our goals to make couples as comfortable as possible.  After working in the industry for quite sometime, we’ve seen a lot things happen.  How to have a stress free wedding is something that Marta and I know a thing or two about.

“How to have a stress free wedding is something that Marta and I know a thing or two about.”

I want to talk about each individual topic and why they’re important to have for your wedding.  I can say that not everything on this list needs to be done in order to have a stress free wedding.  It would help keep the focus on you two though.

  1. Get a Planner.  I cannot recommend this enough.  There are so many reasons why you need a wedding planner.  Go for the wedding planner instead of the venue coordinator.  We’ve seen it happen so many times.  A friend of a friend says that they can do it, and all of a sudden things hit the fan.  The ceremony runs late.  Then the wedding portrait session gets pushed back.  The reception gets cuts short because of that.  All of a sudden, you have a dance time of an hour.  Trust us, it happens.  Those friends are not wedding planners.  Not to mention that wedding planners are a source of knowledge in weddings.  Planners have been to a wedding or two.withers maguire outdoor reception set up
  2. Have a Solid Timeline.  Timelines are a key element that gets looked over more often than not.  Let’s talk truthfully.  It will not take 30 minutes for your guests of 175 to go through the buffet line.  We believe that friends shouldn’t be officiants.  They tend to go over their time telling stories.  Everyone will be late for the ceremony.  This goes back to my first point, so let me reiterate.  A planner can help you develop a timeline that has natural cushion for situations like these.  Not only that, but they’ll know where they can pull time to make up for lost time.  Nothing says stress free wedding more than not having to worry about a timeline.

    “Nothing says stress free wedding more than not having to worry about a timeline.”

  3. Have a Realistic Budget. Nothing stresses people out more than money, or lack there of.  The wedding budget should be one of the first things that you work.  The easiest way to get things going to by starting on a date, wedding venue, and a budget.  There’s a whole method to having a wedding budget.  You can plan this out so that there is a little wiggle room in things.  It’s all part of the planning process, but a budget is a good beginning.stress free wedding
  4. Make time for Photographs.  Things flow beautifully as you get married.  You take your formal portraits with your friends and family.  As you start to get into the groove of things with the wedding portraits, your planner comes to tell you that it’s time to head to the reception.  Time restrictions can cause for newlyweds to lose out on awesome wedding portraits.  A post wedding session is an answer for that, but not everyone likes that.  Most people prefer to have those photographs taken right then and there the day of their wedding.  Having that extra photo time helps with having a stress free wedding.modern wedding portrait bramble tree estate

Engagement season (yup, it’s a thing) is upon us.  I couldn’t feel more happier about 2017.  There’s a lot of things that we’re going to do both new and interesting.  We want to make sure that couples that are starting to plan their wedding have the most knowledge possible.  Every Last Detail is a great place for information on planning and other aspects of wedding planning.  They have plenty of tips on how to have a stress free wedding.

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