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Romantic Engagement Session at Rollins College | Laura & Jason

Laura and Jason were great to photograph at Rollins College during their romantic engagement session.  When they reached out to us, they mentioned that they found us through our WeddingWire.  They also mentioned that they were trying to enjoy the wedding planning process and to not get overwhelmed.

Marta and I immediately started talking about our wedding experience and hope we take a laid-back approach to weddings.  They started talking about their wedding ideas for the Winter Park Farmers’ Market and we fell in love with it all.

Laura and Jason’s Romantic Engagement Session

It turned out that I went to the engagement session alone.  Marta was watching Olie and it was a pretty hot one that day.  We met up next to the chapel at Rollins and started moving from there.  Both Laura and Jason were undeniably cool throughout the entire romantic engagement session.  Rollins College was the perfect engagement session location for them and the relationship that they have.

As we walked around the campus, I asked them questions about what they had in mind for their wedding day.  They mentioned that they hired a wedding planner, which is awesome!  Nothing takes away wedding planning stress like having a professional planner on board.

We talked more about the decor and design of their wedding day.  Everything that they had in mind seemed like something that would be easy to do with the planner they chose.  Their wedding was going to be a destination wedding for a lot of guests.

Deeper into their engagement session, there were a few tears as we talked about their past, where they’ve been as a couple, and where they’re heading.  It was a personal moment.  The romance between these two are the stuff movies are made about.  Laura and Jason are one of the few couples that I truly feel we connected with during their engagement session.  Check out their engagement pictures.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

couple laughing candid in front of building at rollins college in winter park fl

fine art engagement picture at rollin college winter park fl engaged couple

couple sitting on bench about to kiss during engagement photos near chapel at rollins college winter park fl

couple kissing during engagement pics solar flare ring of fire photo rollins college courtyard

intimate moment between engaged couple on rollins college field where she cried

photograph of shoes during an engagement session at the docks in rollins college winter park

cute moment between engaged couple during an engagement session at rollins college docks

romantic engagement session

couple holding hands and walking away from docks at rollins college

romantic sweet photo of girl hugging boy from behind during an engagement session at rollins college in winter park

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