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Early Morning Engagement Session In Leu Gardens | Danielle & Marco

Whenever I talk to couples about having an engagement session, we talk about a lot of factors.  Where should we have the engagement session?  What time of day for the best pictures (which is around the same for weddings)?  What should we wear?  Marta and I think that all of these things are important.  Especially, when we want the best scenario possible to get the epic photos that we all crave for.  Life is life though.  Sometimes, our schedules just don’t match up.  This is exactly what happened with these two.  When we were talking about the time of their engagement session, we just couldn’t find a time in the afternoon.  We had an early morning engagement session instead.

Our First Early Morning Engagement Session in Leu Gardens

The interesting thing about this early morning engagement session was that I actually had two engagement sessions in the same day.  We have never done that before in the past.  Marta and I always want to go to engagement sessions with a fresh mind ready to photograph the couple.  This day was different.  We had another session in the afternoon.

Danielle & Marco’s Leu Gardens Engagement Session

When I got to Leu Gardens, the entire parking lot was empty.  I actually got there a little before opening time, so I didn’t really know if I could go in or not.  As I walked in, I saw a couple of older women at the counter.  I purchased a ticket and walked in without a fuss.  Danielle and Marco text me that they were almost there.  Totally understandable, since I got there early.

You could smell that early morning crispness.  It was awesome!  The climate was cool in the Once we met up, I almost immediately started photographing them.  I knew that the sun would rise just as fast as it sets in the afternoon.

As we walked around, we talked about their wedding day at Eagle Creek Golf Club and what they had in mind.  They were working with Carlisha from A Rose Designs Events and had started to piece everything together.  We went over their wedding details and the rest of their wedding experience with us.  They mentioned that for a lot of people, this was going to be a destination wedding.  A good amount of the wedding guest list was flying in from all over the country.

In the end, we said our goodbye’s and parted ways.  Marta and I can’t wait for their wedding day!  Their early morning engagement session has some awesome photos in there.  Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

early morning engagement session

engagement session at leu gardens during early morning

couple in rose garden in leu gardens laughing candidly during engagement session

couple holding hands and walking through leu gardens

couple laughing candidly during engagement session in leu gardens in front of estate

epic early morning engagement photo in leu gardens

couple laughing and being happy in leu gardens gazebo

smiling bride to be in leu gardens during an engagement session

romantic engagement picture in leu gardens

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