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Should you Have an Engagement Session? | Tips for Brides

Engagement sessions are some of the last things that people think about.  It’s somewhat of an add-on to wedding coverage, as it should be.  I just don’t think that it should be an afterthought.  The big question is this.  Should you have an engagement session?  Why should you have one?  Does it even matter?  People have said it in the past, engagement sessions are a must.

destination wedding engagement session

We’re in the midst of wrapping things up before we head over to Europe.  It’s crunch time, to say the least.  Marta and I have one more wedding to photograph and a few engagement sessions to photograph.  As things start to wind down we started to reflect on the past few five months.  Marta and I have seen all sorts of stuff.  Some weddings ran smoothly and others had their problems behind the scenes, but all of them came out beautifully.  We couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to the year.

“Should you have an Engagement Session?  Especially if you live outside Central Florida or the US?”

I think that our beginning of the year came together because of a number of the people we met and got to work with.  With every couple we meet, there’s the flexibility of an additional session.  It’s called a Together Session, and most if not all of the couples decide to use that session as an engagement session.  It works especially well if they live in Orlando.  For couples outside of Central Florida or have a destination wedding, it works as well.  There’s the flexibility of a Post Wedding Session or a One Year Anniversary Session.

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The majority of our couples always ask for our input on things, and that’s totally fine.  I ask them, “Should you have an engagement session?” Or more importantly, “Why should you have an engagement session?” Some couples know immediately why they want one, while others don’t quite know.  There’s this belief that we NEED an engagement session, but some don’t know why.

“I used to ask myself, should you have an engagement session?  The answer is heck yeah.”

More often than not an “engagement session” turns into a “getting to know each other session”.  It’s the true beginning of the photographic adventure together.  The engagement session is where we see where we can go to get those reactions that we adore from couples.  The big thing about it is that our approach is different for every couple.  As we work together, Marta and I start to see how you react to what we ask of you.  Some couples react with laughter, while other react with romance.  We’ve seen all sorts of relationships blossom in front of us.  It works wonders.

should you have an engagement session

If you’re engaged and looking for an Orlando Wedding Photographer, then consider having an engagement session before booking them for your wedding.  See how they work with you.  Marta and I always tell couples to consider how they feel around the photographers during the session.  Furthermore, ask yourselves, “Should you have an engagement session?”  Does it feel like the right play on things?  Above all else, Marta and I believe that having an engagement session is crucial to your wedding photography experience.

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