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Outdoor Woodsy Engagement Session | Wekiwa Springs | Leah & Travis

Leah and Travis were sincerely awesome to work with during their outdoor woodsy engagement session at Wekiwa Springs. When going over engagement session locations, they knew Wekiwa Springs was the place to go.  We immediately hit it off over the phone when we were talking about their wedding day and what they had planned.  Most couples that we talk to have some sort of idea on what they want for their wedding day, but these two had everything set up and ready to go.

They Planned on an Outdoor Woodsy Engagement Session

I remember talking to them about what they wanted as their goals for their wedding day and they knew almost immediately what to say.  They told me that they wanted people to have fun.  Surrounded by family and friends, they wanted to confess their love for each other.  They wanted to commit to each other for the rest of their lives.  Without a doubt, all of that will be full of candid moments between both of them and all of their wedding guests.

That’s something that they wanted for their engagement session.  They wanted small candid moments showcasing their happiness.  Marta and I were stoked to meet these two in person at Wekiwa Springs.  Not only that, but they brought their dog along for the session as well!  Marta and I are both pet people.  We loved meeting him.  Leah brought her mom to take care of him while we were doing more intimate portraits.

Their Dog was the Star of their Outdoor Woodsy Engagement Session.

After a lot of laughs and a few tears, we finished the session with some awesome engagement pictures.  Some of them were ridiculously epic.  We loved this session.  We can’t wait for their wedding at Bridle Oaks Barn!  Check out some of their epic engagement pictures!

happy engaged couple walking dog wekiwa springs

outdoor woodsy engagement

happy candid groom-to-be wekiwa springs

intimate engagement picture wekiwa springs blue water

candid engagement picture laughing bride-to-be wekiwa springs natural

engaged couple engagement picture black dog weikwa spring

outdoor woodsy hipster engagement pictures hiking trail wekiwa springs

candid laughing picture engaged couple wekiwa springs

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