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Sweet Engagement Session at Lake Eola | DeShawn & Kevin

We first met DeShawn and Kevin at one of the Your Wedding TV Florida Wedding Expos.  In the middle of the craziness, DeSahwn decided to schedule a consultation to talk about their wedding at Orlando Science Center.  I also wanted to talk to them a little bit about what they wanted for their engagement session.  DeShawn and I met up at Credo to talk about their wedding.  It was awesome and so insightful.  We hit it off talking about their wedding and life in general.  They weren’t 100% sure how they wanted to use their Together Session.  Little did we know that their sweet engagement session in Lake Eola was going to be one of our favorite sessions of the season.

DeShawn & Kevin’s Sweet Engagement Session

When we talked about their engagement session location, we knew that it had to be something that they both felt some attachment to.  We decided to start the engagement session at Lake Eola and then walk around until we finally got to Amura’s.  While we were walking around, I asked them about their wedding day.  I wanted to learn more about what they had planned and gotten done so far.  They were both on top of their game!  When we were going over their wedding details, they told me that everything was done!  DeShawn said that they were ready to go and get married!

Marta and I were very familiar with the area.  We had engagement sessions in Lake Eola in the past.

When it came to their sweet engagement session, they were totally on point.  They mentioned that they weren’t photogenic at the beginning of the session.  They were ridiculously photogenic!  The entire time we were joking around and laughing.  It felt like hanging out with old friends.  We talked about all sorts of things.  I will say one thing though, thanks to this engagement session I feel like it’ll feel like going to a friends wedding when their big day arrives.  It shows in the engagement photos.  Marta and I can’t wait for their wedding day at Orlando Science Center!  Check out their engagement photos below!  Let us know what you think in the in the comments!

modern engagement session with a romantic couple at downtown orlando lake eola

couple having an adorable moment with the downtown orlando cityscape in the background during a sweet engagement session next to lake eola

couple laughing candidly during engagement session in downtown orlando lake eola

sweet engagement session

engaged bride to be rolling up the sleeve of her groom to be during an engagement session in downtown orlando near 310 lakeside and lake eola

portrait of couple being intimate during their sweet engagement session in downtown orlando near 310 lakeside

night time engagement picture of engaged couple near amura's in downtown orlando during a sweet engagement session

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