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Australian Wedding at Lake Bryan | Natalie & Cheyne

Natalie and Cheyne reached out to us at the beginning of this year.  It was the sweetest and most heartfelt email inquiry that we got in a while.  See, she was planning her Australian Wedding at Lake Bryan.  The time difference alone for communication with a couple that lives in Australia is rough.

Us being us, we made it a point to communicate.  Marta and I sent them a proposal and contract and we made solidified their wedding date in our crazy fall calendar.  We love Paradise Cove Weddings, so another one there was awesome!

As their wedding date approached we sent out a few questionnaires here and there.  We were trying to get to know them a little better.  It’s part of our wedding process.  Marta and I read little tidbits on what lead up to their unique wedding proposal in Thailand.  Their story will truly make for some awesome wedding proposal ideas in the future.

Photographing their Australian Wedding at Lake Bryan

Their wedding day was perfect.  It was a little hot because it’s Florida, but there was a breeze that kept everyone cool.  The day was perfect for their wedding in every way.  They decided to do a first look.  Gosh, it was so adorable!

The ceremony was right on time and heartfelt.  Both mothers were crying and were barely holding it together.  I could just feel all of the love in the air.  They had been dating for 6 years and it was just time for them to finally hit that next step in their relationship.

The portraits were full of such joy and love.  This is the kind of love that movies and songs are written about.  The kind where the room just lights up.  You could tell that their relationship was full of such warmth.

They had a doughnut cake!  I was so stoked when I saw it.  Krispy Kreme’s no less.  With an awesome duo band playing background music, we started the reception.  From there the night continued until the end of the wedding.  It was sweet.  Their Australian Wedding at Lake Bryan was one of the most sincere weddings I’ve been to in awhile.  This was a destination wedding for everyone except for two people to witness and celebrate their love.

australian bride getting her hair and makeup done

australian bride getting blush put on by laura reynolds

bride putting on shoes before heading to ceremony site

bride making final adjustments on her dress

bride seeing family after getting dressed

a picture canvas of couple and their relationship

first look at paradise cove orlando dock

couple about to kiss after first look

groom whispering sweet things in brides ears

modern wedding pictures at lake bryan paradise cove

groom taking bride back to getting ready room

bridal party portrait at paradise cove orlando

hipster groom and groomsmen portrait

mother of the groom before the wedding

groom seeing bride for the first time during wedding ceremony

father of the bride walking down the aisle

exchanging of rings during wedding ceremony

groom putting on wedding ring

first kiss at paradise cove orlando

Australian wedding at lake Bryan

couple kissing as they walk up the aisle

couple walking to beach house at paradise cove orlando

groom hugging bride

groom being thanked by father of the bride

father of the groom hugging bride

groom grabbing something to eat after wedding ceremony

fun candid wedding party portraits

contemporary wedding portrait paradise cove

candid wedding portrait

epic wedding portrait behind a blue sky at paradise cove wedding

intimate emotional wedding portrait

bride and groom conversing before heading to cocktail hour

bride ordering a pims

paella at wedding reception

cheese and grapes platter

reception decor paradise cove

wedding bouquet

doughnut cake from krispy kremes

fun reception bride and groom dancing

cutting the doughnut cake

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Paradise Cove Orlando
Wedding Photographers: Rudy & Marta Photography
Florist: Garden & Grace Floral
Hair and makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Officiant: Simply Perfect Ceremonies
Doughnut Cake: Krispy Kreme
Band: Sunshine
Catering: John Michael Events

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