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When Should I Hire a Wedding Photographer? | Wedding Tips

When should I hire a wedding photographer?  What should I ask a photographer during the consultationHow do I even choose a wedding photographer?

These are all questions that pop up in the early stages of planning a wedding.  Just after you pick your venue, you have a couple of other things that are pretty high on the totem pole.  There’s the wedding dress, wedding planner, and for some, there’s the wedding photographer.

As many couples in the past have said, one of their biggest regrets is not hiring a professional photographer.  What does an engaged couple do?  When exactly should you hire your wedding photographer?  Why should you hire them when you do?

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When should I hire a wedding photographer?

How early should I hire my wedding photographer?

Amazing professional wedding photographers fill up their calendar nine to eighteen months out.  We’ve booked couples almost two years out in the past.  As you approach your wedding date, it will become harder to choose your first pick for a wedding photographer.

Why should I hire my wedding photographer so early?

There’s a lot of pros to planning a wedding way in advance.  The biggest reason is that you can go ahead and stretch the payments to your vendors.  This way, it’s not such a big expense at once.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just have an engagement session to and see if the photographer would be a good fit before wedding date.  If it’s far in advance, then you’ll be able to use the images for Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations.

Can I just pick any photographer?

Yes.  This is totally up to you.  When you find the one though, you’ll know.  Marta and I go to plenty of wedding shows.  What ends up happening is that we meet and start talking to a couple and are almost immediately heartbroken once we find out that we are already booked for another wedding on the same date.

Bonding with your photographer is important.  We spend more time with you than your own mother on your wedding day.  Sometimes even more time than your own fiancé!

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Book your Wedding Photographer fast!

In short, if you find a photographer that you like, then hire them quickly.  If you don’t then someone else will.  There’s only one of them.  Marta and I are always up for meeting up and talking to an engaged couple about their wedding day and our process.  Whether you’re having a destination wedding or a local one, we’ll help you figure it all out.

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