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Polish Engagement in Muzeum Palac w Rogalinie | Sylwia i Stanislaw

When I first met up with Staczek and Sylwia, I had a feeling that this Together Session was going to be different than most.  With different cultural upbringings and habits, ways that people interact with each other differently.  After a short conversation, we decided to have a Polish Engagement in Muzeum Palac w Rogalinie.

Marta and I were at the Muzeum Palac w Rogalinie a few years ago and I immediately fell in love with the place.  There’s an open field right in front of the Palace with a garden in the back with plenty of hidden corners.  There’s usually plenty of people walking around checking the place out.  As well as other couples that are having sessions.  They usually have Day After Sessions here a lot.  As we were walking around we noticed that there were wedding portraits being done here as well.

Sylwia i Stanislaw’s Polish Engagement Session

We got there in the early afternoon, since the grounds closed early.  It was at the beginning of one of this Summer’s heat waves, so we wanted to not waste any time throughout the session.

I had this whole idea in my head as to how the Polish Engagement Session was going to play out at the palace.  Throughout the session, we kept on running into the couple that was getting their wedding portraits done.  It was a cute little game of cat and mouse.  They’d try a spot and we’d follow.  Seems photographers think alike no matter what country you’re in.  

In the end, we finished the session in front of the palace just as the sun was going down for the day.  Nonetheless, the pictures were epic and we can’t wait to share photos from their big wedding day.  Check out their Polish engagement session in Muzeum Palac w Rogalinie.

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