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Summer Polish Wedding at Hot_elarnia Hotel & Spa | Sylwia i Stanisław

In the morning of Sylwia and Stanislaw’s wedding, I was a bit nervous.  Not so much becuase it was a wedding or anything else, but sheer excitement.  A true Polish wedding with all the amazingness attached to it.  Surrounded by friends and family, they had a summer Polish Wedding at Hot_elarnia Hotel & Spa.  In true fashion, the party started early and ended late.  With lifelong friends cheering them into the night, these two partied like no other. 

I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s start at the beginning.  Poland was experiencing a ridiculously hot summer so far.  With temperatures hitting 45 C in the city (113 F) at peak times.  As we got closer to the day, we were worried that Sylwia would be stuck in a heavy wedding dress in 45 C weather.  Luckily, the high that day was around 27 C, but it rained.  While we were at the Catholic church, we were greeted with showers.  

Once the ceremony was over, the receiving line for guests not attending the reception began.  Gifts, advice, and a few tears were shared.  In the end, there was plenty of laughter and jokes all around.  There were so many people that were excited for these two to begin their journey.  We took a large group portrait and moved to Park Solacki, which we had experience from an engagement session

Park Solacki Wedding Portraits Before Hot_elarnia Hotel & Spa

The session around Park Solacki was super easy thanks to the Together Session that we had a few weeks before.  After a quick thirty-minute wedding portrait session, we started to head over the reception site to start their Summer Polish Wedding at Hot_elarnia.

Marta and I tried to get there before them, just so that we could get them going to their family to start the Polish tradition of welcoming with bread, a drink and tossing the glass over their shoulder.  The tradition is that if the glass breaks, then the length of your marriage in years will last the number of pieces it breaks.  Needless to say, it broke into a bunch of pieces.

The receiving line was full of people that gave plenty of presents to help celebrate the marriage and the couple.  Afterward, Sylwia and Stanislaw ended up having a white balloon release to help start the reception and dinner.

The Summer Polish Wedding Reception at Hot_elarnia

After a quick dance and introduction into the night, dinner was served.  I was told that there would be plenty of breaks throughout the night, and I was not mislead.  Unlike weddings in the United States where it’s food and non-stop dancing (for the most part), in Poland there’s food, some dancing, some more food, probably drinking in between, more dancing, more drinking, some food, and so on and so forth.  

The party goes long into the night and possibly into the early morning (a.k.a. 4 AM).  We left after the last formality of the night, the cake cutting, which was at midnight.  After gathering our gear and ourselves, we hung out for a little bit more and jumped to the road for a 40-minute drive to where we were staying.  Needless to say, it was an epic day, with plenty of amazingness. 

Marta and I were ridiculously honored and excited that we were a part of such a big day.  The day passed in a blur, and we were able to really see what a Polish Wedding was like.  Check out Sylwia and Stanislaw’s Summer Polish Wedding at Hot_erlarnia Hotel & Spa.

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Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Hot_elarnia Hotel & Spa
Wedding Photographers: Rudy & Marta Photography
Florist: Studio SA-Park
Dress Boutique: Cameoo
Dress Designer: Luna Novias
Catering: Hot_elarnia Spalarnia
Cake: Zagrodnicza Piekarnia i Cukiernia 
DJ: Musicbros
Makeup: DART Makeup
Hair: Fryzjerstwo Drążek Woźniak
Prosecco Van: Frizzanti Prosecco Van
Shoes: Wojas
Men’s Attire: Vistula

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