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Floral Fairytale Wedding at Club Lake Plantation | Gabi & Richard

It feels like years have passed by since I met Gabi and Richard at Starbucks. I could tell that Richard was into tech when he popped up with a Windows Surface Pro Laptop. I felt like we immediately connected over tech. The focus was on their wedding, though. They talked to me about how Richard proposed in Iceland and then had an amazing excursion across that beautiful land. They were showing me pictures of everything they saw there. It was awesome. Somewhere in the middle of it, we started talking about their floral fairytale wedding at Club Lake Plantation.

Their First Look at Club Lake Plantation

The first person we went to go see was Gabi. She was well put together, but you could tell that she was a little nervous. After talking to her for a bit, I went and headed to see Richard. He seemed so relaxed and calm. It was almost like the day wasn’t really that big of a deal. I went back to see Gabi. Our associate photographer, Kara, was with her. She seemed like she was ready for the first look.

Once the first look happened, it seemed like everyone was calmer. Richard said he was fine and only wanted to make sure that Gabi was alright. They both looked so happy seeing each other for the first time. It was great because we didn’t have a Together Session. I’m glad that their chemistry was overpowering any nerves that they had.

A Floral Fairytale Inspired Wedding Reception

During the reception, there were so many people that were dancing and having a good time. Katie, from Our DJ Rocks, threw down and made some awesome mixes. She was playing music that was out of the ordinary for wedding receptions, and I loved every second of it. In other words, she threw down, and the wedding guests loved it. As the night continued, we kept on getting candid shots throughout the entire evening.

Their grand exit was perfect for them, and everyone came out and there were plenty of sparklers to go around. Low and behold, everything was on point. They left in a car and headed straight to the honeymoon. Congrats to these two! We’re humbled to have been a part of it all. Check out some of their wedding photos.

white wedding high heels
bride getting ready at club lake plantation
bride putting on earing
groom putting on finishing touches
right before the first look at club lake plantation
first look at club lake plantation
cute modern wedding picture
welcome sign club lake plantation
table seating chart
wedding guests signing into the reception
club lake plantation wedding ceremony
bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle
groom seeing bride down the aisle
bride walking down the aisle
first kiss at club lake plantation
floral fairytale wedding
newlyweds walking out of the ceremony area
first portraits
cute wedding portrait
henna artwork
orlando flower market wedding bouquet
club lake plantation wedding portrait
cute wedding portrait at club lake plantation entrance
cute wedding portrait at club lake
classic wedding portrait
bridal portrait at club lake plantation
club lake plantation wedding reception
reception tables at club lake plantation
first dance
first toast
cutting the cake club lake plantation
sparkler grand exit club lake plantation

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Club Lake Plantation Wedding Venue
Planning: Bella Sposa Events
Photography: Rudy & Marta Photography
Floral: Orlando Flower Market
Cake: Florida Sweets & Co.
DJ: Our DJ Rocks – DJ Katie
Catering: Plus Catering
Transportation: Apollo’s Chariots Inc.

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