Alfond Inn Weddings

Alfond Inn Weddings

The Alfond Inn is a wedding venue that’s embedded into the Rollins and Winter Park community.  Plenty of alumni, as well as local residents, hold their weddings there.  There is a sense of elegance and class as you walk into the boutique hotel.  When Marta and I went, we were almost immediately greeted by the staff there.  They were extremely helpful in letting us know where everything was in the hotel.  Not to mention that they had specific places for the wedding vendors to store their equipment and other goods during any Alfond Inn Wedding.

Why We Love Weddings at Alfond Inn

Like I said before, the fact that we have a place to store our equipment is awesome and much appreciated.  Marta and I carry around over $15,000 in gear on any given wedding day.  It’s nice to know that it’s going to be in a safe place.  On more of the wedding side of things, we think that there are a lot of possibilities here.  There’s a rotunda indoors that is full to the brim with light.  Marta and I love taking wedding portraits outside in the courtyard and gardens on site.  There is an amazing amount of art and style inside of the hotel.  Many of it can be utilized in wedding portraits.  The bridal suite is huge!  A wedding party and her immediate family can all fit in there with ease.  The groom’s room is more of a conference space but has plenty of space and light.  Both spots work beautifully.

Insider Info on Alfond Inn Weddings

Marta and I have been a part of a lot of weddings.  In turn, we’ve tried a lot of food from different culinary vendors.  Without a doubt, we love the food at Alfond Inn.  It’s hard to think of any other caterer that has given vendors that amount of attention and service when it comes to a vendor meal.  It’s definitely worth mentioning.  Another thing to mention is that we can go anywhere for portraits.  Alfond Inn essentially gives us the keys to the hotel.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Wedding Venue is a Boutique Hotel, which means that there will be people walking around.  The reception location has no windows, so it’ll be as dark as you want it to be.  The lights are fully dimmable.


Max Guest Count: 240
Budget: $$$

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