Bramble Tree Estate Weddings

Bramble Tree Estate Weddings

Nestled on private property in the middle of Howey-in-the-Hills lies a property that is undeniably beautiful.  Bramble Tree Estate is incredibly rustic and green.  The venue is a blank canvas that has the possibilities to be great when hosting and wedding or event.  Here’s some information on the venue, some insider info, and what to keep in mind.

Why we Love Bramble Tree Estate Weddings

This place tickles every dream that we have when it comes to wedding photography.  There’s an open field where we can go and photograph just the two of you away from the wedding guests and wedding party.  There’s usually plenty of light, so we don’t have to worry about things when it comes to lighting.  There are no neighbors, so party as hard as you all want to!

Insider Info on Weddings at Bramble Tree Estate

The venue is beautiful.  That’s a given.  Part of why there’s so much charm to the place is because the owners actually live on site.  They allow engaged couples to come on the property and get married right on their beautiful property.  This space is changing constantly as the owners continuously improve their property.

Things to Keep In Mind

A couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to the property is having a backup plan.  Some couples actually get married elsewhere and utilize the property as a reception venue.  Others that get married there usually get married under the large oak tree there, but a back up is needed just in case it rains.  We highly recommend getting a tent.

There’s a covered concrete foundation, but using it really depends on the theme and style that you two are going to have for your wedding.  In winter months it gets pretty breezy and chilly, so also consider heaters as well.

Overall, it’s an amazing location with plenty of greenery.  There’s plenty of opportunities here when planning your wedding and or reception.

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