Casa Feliz Weddings

Casa Feliz Weddings

Casa Feliz Weddings have been something that we’ve loved for a very long time.  We both loved walking around Park Avenue and seeing the property.  We would always grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy the ambiance there.

What we Love about Casa Feliz Weddings

This place is a Historic Home.  There’s a lot of antiques and history here.  There have always been several weddings that happen here.  The exposed brick with Old Spanish flair is one of the things that we definitely love.  There’s a blue door outside of the reception area that’s perfect for a wide-open shot of the venue with just you two.  The biggest thing that we love is that everything is right there.  The getting ready rooms are right next to each other on the second floor.  The wedding ceremony location is in front of the house.  The wedding reception is outside in the back with the dance floor inside.

Insider Info on Weddings at Casa Feliz

Casa Feliz is owned by the city of Winter Park, but it’s managed by Arthur’s Catering.  Needless to say, Arthur’s is the only caterer allowed to work there.  There is usually a small bar that can be set up inside a small courtyard in the middle of the building.  The wedding receptions at Casa Feliz usually end by 10:00 PM because of their contract having a strict 10:30 PM departure time for wedding guests.

Things to Keep in Mind

Casa Feliz is a museum, and because of that, there’s a strict no smoking policy.  Also, the use of sparklers is prohibited.  Most people use lavender buds or bubbles during their grand exit.

The front of Casa Feliz faces west, so the sun might be hitting you during the ceremony.  In order to avoid this, we would recommend a winter date.  Also, a tent would be recommended for the reception space, but not mandatory.  Most of the time, the chance of rain that late in the evening is pretty low.

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