Cypress Grove Estate House Weddings

Cypress Grove Estate House Weddings

Cypress Grove Estate House Weddings have such a classy and elegant feel to them. The first time that we went there, we were scouting engagement session locations for another couple.  The wedding venue is actually really well hidden.  The surrounding area on Orange Avenue is full of shopping plazas and restaurants.  We had no idea where we were going, but we loved it when we got there.

Why We Love Cypress Grove Estate House Weddings

The wedding venue is full of trees with Spanish moss.  I immediately got the feel of a true Southern Floridian wedding venue when we got there.  The Lakeside ceremony site is perfect for a sunset ceremony.  There’s more than enough greenery on the grounds to make anyone happy.  The front of the house is easily one of our favorite wedding portrait locations.  We can photograph couples there for days.  There are so many other spots that are riddled all over the property.  We recommend doing a first look here.  There’s plenty of intimate spots that are a bit more private than most.

Insider Info on Weddings at Cypress Grove Estate House

The venue has a room where vendors can eat and store their equipment, which is a plus for us.  The venue has a strict cut off time since it’s owned by the City.  A lot of times, after-parties are continued in Downtown Orlando.  Cypress Grove Estate weddings are perfect during early spring or late fall because of the cooler weather.

Thing to Keep in Mind

Since the wedding venue is located off of Orange Avenue, it’s good to keep in mind the traffic.  If there’s a ceremony happening on a Friday afternoon, then keep the traffic and time in mind.  If you have a lot of people driving in, then they might run into traffic.

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