Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Weddings

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Gay Wedding

The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Weddings are a luxury experience that is surrounded by the Walt Disney World Resort.  The first time that we went there for a venue walkthrough, we were blown away at overall beauty and excellence.  As we walked through the lobby, we were impressed by the sheer size of the meeting space and amenities.  The customer service we saw here was amazing.

Why We Love Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Weddings

We were in love with the outside golf course and surrounding greenery from the get-go.  The wedding ceremony locations that are offered by the venue are diverse as they come.  Want something indoors?  Would you like an outdoor golf course ceremony?  Consider it done.  They’re there to help and take care of you.  The team on board will ensure that you and your fiance receive the luxury wedding experience that you two deserve.  The staff provides us with a golf cart to take all over the property!

Insider Info on Weddings in Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

There are a couple of things that I want to mention.  First off, the luxury wedding experience not only applies to the couple, but also to the wedding vendor team that participates in the wedding.  The vendor meals that we receive are on par with other luxury wedding hotels.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Hilton Bonnet Creek is attached to the Waldorf Astoria, so we can take wedding pictures on either side of the grounds.  Both luxury hotels are a little busier than most hotels, so keep in mind that there will be people moving around.  Also, there’s a good chance that there will be more than one luxury wedding going on.  Keep that in mind during the wedding portraits.

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