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I think it goes without saying that many people in the local Orlando and even Central Florida wedding industry were beyond excited when the owner of Howey Mansion said that they were going to host weddings and events there.  Many people have been drooling over the architecture and story behind the mansion.  The natural decor and design of the space are perfect for people looking to have a high-end, luxurious wedding unlike anything in the Orlando area.

Why We love Weddings at Howey Mansion

There are so many reasons why we love Howey Mansion and everything that it entails.  The history and beauty of something straight from a pre-prohibition era are felt as you walk to the property and enter its doors.  The light shines through tall windows and reflects beautifully throughout the rooms.  Many of them have been modernized with AC and other quality of life tidbits.

When we went and took a tour of the property, we were in love with the layout and overall floorplan for the event space there.  As we were guided through the property, Jody told us the history of the venue and some of the rumors that surrounded the property throughout time.  It’s definitely worth checking out just for those alone.

Insider Info on Howey Mansion Weddings

This wedding venue caused one of the biggest waves in the local wedding industry for a while.  There’s a whole bunch of nods to the original owners of the Howey Mansion as well as many ways to make it your own.  The couple getting married there can stay the night in the Honeymoon Suite on the property.

Both getting ready areas are perfect for large wedding parties.  There’s plenty of light in both rooms, so us photographers don’t have to worry too much about lighting.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are going to have a large wedding, consider having the ceremony at the front of the house and then having a tented reception in the back.  The reason: if it rains, you need to have a backup.  The indoor reception space is nice, but it can get tight if you’re having a larger wedding (over 90 guests).

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