Lake Mary Events Center Weddings

Lake Mary Events Center weddings

The Lake Mary Events Center Weddings are great year-round, even during the hottest summer months.  About 90% of the wedding is held inside.  I say 90% because the other 10% is optional.  That optional portion I’m referring to is whether or not you two want portraits outside.  If not, then we can do the entire wedding indoors.  In the AC.  Where it’s not 100 degrees.

Why We Love Lake Mary Events Center Weddings

On a real note, this place is gorgeous.  There’s a lush green field behind the building that leads up to a lakeside.  The ceremony location is to die for!  Without a doubt, there’s so much beautiful light that comes beaming in throughout the day.  At the perfect time of day, you can get a glow going on that’s hard to ignore.  Both the bride and groom getting ready rooms are near each other.  We love it!  It makes it much easier if there’s one photographer instead of two.  They’re both equally spacious and allow for plenty of people to get ready.  The restrooms are close by as well.  Surprisingly, the reception space is humongous.  Almost too big for the ceremony space.  There’s enough space for up to 250 people.

Insider Info on Weddings in Lake Mary Events Center

The event space is used for all sorts of things, but weddings are amongst the most popular.  The cocktail hour happens right in front of the reception hall.  It’s awesome.  There is no question as to where to go to after cocktail hour is said and done.  Not only that but the grand entrance to the reception when you’re announced newlyweds puts you front and center of the celebration.

Things to Keep in Mind

There’s no need for a Plan B.  The venue is beautifully set up to accommodate indoor wedding ceremonies.  The getting ready rooms could use a little more natural light.  We may use a flash to get a more natural look.

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