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Leu Gardens Weddings are always full of moments that leave us in awe at all of the natural beauty here.  The weddings that we’ve photographed here usually a two-part wedding.  More on that later though.  From the first time that we came here, we knew that it would be epic to photograph a wedding here.

Why we Love Leu Gardens Weddings

Undeniably, the gardens are constantly changing and growing.  The last time I was there, they were working on upgrading the walking path near the lake.  What I’m getting at is this, they are always improving something.  The gardens are also being worked on.  The landscapers know what they’re doing.  The various wedding ceremony locations in Leu Gardens also help keep things fresh.  From what we’ve seen, a lot of couples like to get married at Leu Gardens and hold receptions at Winter Park Farmer’s Market right down the road.  It’s an awesome two-part wedding day that’s all close by in Winter Park.

Insider Info on Weddings at Leu Gardens

The gardens themselves are owned and ran by the City of Orlando.  You have a few options for the wedding ceremony location.  It all comes down to the guest count.  Everyone has to be off the property by 10:00 PM.  From what we’ve seen, receptions have to end at 9:00 PM at Leu Gardens.  The reception area is close to a more traditional banquet hall than anything else.

Things to Keep in Mind

Getting ready rooms are not the biggest.  Both the bride and groom getting ready rooms are attached to the public restrooms.  The bridal room is double the size of the groom’s room, which is totally understandable.  The groom’s room is about the size of a small dorm.  Some people get ready off-site and come dressed because of the size.

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