Mission Inn Resort Weddings

Mission Inn Resort Weddings

Mission Inn Resort Weddings

Mission Inn Resort Weddings always showcase so much history.  The Spanish architecture and theme are all over the property in all three wedding venues.  The old Florida feel is so paramount here.  That’s right.  There’s three of them.  We’ll get into that.

Why We Love Mission Inn Resort Weddings

Let’s get right into it.  This resort has three wedding venues in one.  I’m not joking.  On any given weekend (or weekday), there can be three weddings going on at the same exact time.  The couples from those weddings will never see each other.  From a photographers perspective, it helps keep things fresh.  Marta and I can only go to a wedding venue so many times before it becomes stale.  Three locations in one spot are great for avoiding that.  Also, the Marina is the place to go to get married.  It’s such an awesome location with wide open spaces.  A big plus is that this is a resort, so you can make your wedding a three-day excursion.  It’s great for couples that have family flying in from outside the city or state.

Insider Info on Weddings at Mission Inn Resort

The Resort’s been there since before Walt Disney World was even a thought.  There’s a small Mickey Mouse mosaic on one of the walls.  It was this resort where Walt Disney went to work on his vision for Walt Disney World before its grand opening in 1971.  You can do so many things here during your stay.  Most people opt in for the three-day stay with their wedding package.

Things to Keep in Mind

All three wedding locations have unique offerings. They all have their own pros and cons.  If there’s one thing that I can say across the board is to keep an eye on the sunset time.  We’ve seen ceremonies with a sea of squinting eyes.

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