Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes

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The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Weddings exudes elegance, luxury, and class.  The time’s that Marta and I have stayed there, we’ve been blown away.  The level of customer service and thoughtfulness are remarkable.  That’s right thoughtfulness.  As a business owner, I can truly appreciate what this wedding venue does in order to be a leader in the luxury experience.

Why We Love the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Weddings

Um, what’s there not to love?  The place is absolutely gorgeous and the grounds cover many facets and styles when it comes to the luxury wedding experience.  There are multiple wedding venues on property.  From the Citrus Garden to the Tuscany Ballroom to Whisper Creek Farms, they all have a unique look and feel.  Without a doubt, the grounds are able to appeal to any engaged couple.  All of this comes with the excellence and luxury wedding experience that their brand represents.

Insider Info on Weddings at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes

They ensure that all of their vendors are taken care of during the wedding day.  This provides the support that we need as wedding professionals to continuously provide the wedding couple with the best experience possible.  Marta and I can deliver the best images possible.  Being full of energy and properly hydrated helps us create the best images possible through our wedding photography.

This to Keep in Mind

This place is huge!  It’s so easy to get lost.  The beautiful thing about it is that every single person on staff is extremely helpful if you are lost or looking for a specific location in the hotel.  There may be more than one wedding going on at the same time.  With so many wedding venues on the grounds, it only makes sense to have more than one luxury wedding going on.

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