Winter Park Farmers’ Market Weddings

Winter Park Farmers Market Weddings

Winter Park Farmer’s Market Weddings are always full of opportunities.  Many people use it as part of a two-fold wedding day.  The exposed brick hanging market lights make it a very modern, yet trendy wedding venue.  The colors and set up compliment all sorts of wedding themes and ideas.  Marta and I love working there since everything is very compact.

Why We Love Winter Park Farmers’ Market Weddings

This place is so easy to work in.  All sides of the property can be used and then some.  There’s usually even lighting after a certain point in the day.  We can use the surrounding areas on Park Avenue to take some epic wedding portraits.  Marta and I love the light that comes into the reception area during the sunset.  There’s a certain level of urban grit that comes with.

Insider Info on Weddings at Winter Park Farmers’ Market

As much as we love Winter Park Farmer’s Market, there’s one thing that stands out.  There isn’t an actual getting ready location for the bride or the groom.  At least, not in the traditional sense.  Most of the time couples get ready at a nearby location, like an Air BnB or their house.

Things to Keep in Mind

Similar to some other wedding venues owned by the city, there’s a strict no-fire policy.  People have done all sorts of things for a grand exit.  We’ve seen bubbles and lavender as a grand exit.  We’ve also seen people say screw it and take sparklers out into the road to have a sparkler grand exit on their wedding day.  Don’t worry too much about traffic.  People will stop and honk their horns in celebration.  It’ll be awesome!

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