Winter Park Racquet Club Weddings

winter park racquet club weddings

Winter Park Racquet Club Weddings always have a feeling that falls into the style of Old Tuscan.  As you drive in for the first time, it becomes more and more prevalent.  The grounds have a large pool as well as a dock and patch of grass that’s overseen by large trees full of Spanish moss.

Why We Love Winter Park Racquet Club Weddings

There’s definitely some history to be had here.  It’s definitely evident in the clubhouse, which goes beautifully with the Old Tuscan style.  The ceremony site on the lawn to the right of the building is perfect!  There’s so much light!  If the wedding ceremony happens at the right time, the photographs are just downright perfect!  The dining hall is another perfect location.  There is floor to ceiling high windows that let in the sunlight during sunset.  Mart and I love the light that comes in around that time.  It just lights up the room beautifully.

Insider Info on Weddings at Winter Park Racquet Club

We recommend going to another venue for getting ready before the wedding.  A lot of couples usually go to Alfond Inn or an Air BnB nearby to get ready before their wedding ceremony.  There are more than a couple of locations for a first look here.  One of you two can ride in on a boat that can drop you off at Winter Park Racquet Club.  That same boat can pick you up at the end of the night after a Sparkler Grand Exit.

Things to Keep in Mind

The dance floor and reception hall are in separate rooms.  That might separate dancers from the non-dancers. Another thing to keep in mind is that the grounds are large.  It might be hard to keep everyone in one location.

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Finally, check out more information on other venues and our wedding experience.

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