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Wedding Album Design, Does it matter? | Rudy & Marta Photo

Wedding album design is something that gets looked over all the time.  Personally, I don’t know much about design as a whole.  Marta knows more about that stuff.  Anyone of our couples that we’ve worked with in the past, and that has seen our albums know that I openly say, “I suck at that stuff.”  Marta majored and understands the aspects of design.  Hence why she can piece together a story from a wedding day that speaks volumes.  It’s one of those things that you don’t really think about, but when you see it, it makes the biggest difference.

I don’t have an end all be all way of explaining this.  Wedding album design is kind of like water.  It flows.  The less resistance that there is, the easier it flows.  Good wedding album design draws your eyes into the layout.  I think that that is the best way to describe it.  I wanted to go ahead and make it so that other people can’t help but look at it.  Good design for a wedding album will do just that.  It’s subtle, and sometimes unnoticed.  Yet still, you can’t help but notice it when it’s not.

“Inadvertently, wedding album design affects the way we take wedding images.  Are the areas where negative space can really play a larger role?”

Proper wedding album design is possible when we photograph images with design in mind.  The reason that I say that is because images on their own have to be aesthetically pleasing.  The moment that things start to come together is when we start telling a story through those images.

Inadvertently, wedding album design affects the way we take wedding images.  Even the basic principles of photography apply here.  Are the areas where negative space can really play a larger role?  Have you heard the saying less is more?  In design, that is especially true.  Look at Apple for instance.  Their design team is almost purely minima and it appeals to so many people because of how it’s brilliantly designed.  Those same design principles should be applied to wedding albums.  It makes for a better experience for the viewer.  Overall, it makes a more timeless heirloom to pass down to generations to come.

Below is a few examples of wedding album design.  This album has been through hell and back.  We’ve taken it to so many bridal shows.  It’s been through plenty of hands.  I’m sure those of you that have seen us at a bridal show have seen this album and know Ellie and Cameron’s story.

Wedding album Design

wedding album

gray wedding album

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