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Together, we are Rudy and Marta – an Orlando based husband and wife photography duo who loves to travel the world in order to tell your love story. We are like dark chocolate with a dash of chili pepper. But first, let us explain.


We believe relationships are like onions. You slowly must peel away the layers until you reach the center, the core, the heart of everything that matters. It’s in these moments and through deeper, heartfelt questions that you can remember exactly when, why, and how you fell in love. It’s then that you will rediscover your story all over again.


When was the first moment when you thought, “This is the person I’m going to marry?" How did you feel when you realized your answer to, “I fell in love with you because…” was tinged with a new type of meaning you never thought possible.


When you turn to her and detail the date when you knew she was the one before you asked her to marry you; when you look at him and recount a moment so simple, so filled with everyday things that you realized “this is what our forever will look like together”, know we will frame that moment in time just for you.


We capture smiles so wide they flood a new bright light into your eyes during your engagement session. We capture the slight blushes as he whispers in your ear during your first look. We capture the moments when you’re simply overcome as she walks down the aisle. We photograph your story – the candid moments that aren’t posed because you’re simply living them. We want you to look back and remember that’s what he, that’s what she, was saying in a place so special to you as you recount your memories again and again to each other, to your friends, and to your family.


Your wedding is filled with moments, but those moments have a story unique to you waiting to be told. We want you to rediscover your story, layer by layer, because yours is the one that matters. It’s not about us. It’s about you for us. And, we want you to feel emboldened to allow us to share how we see you and your love from behind our lens.


I grew up on a farm in Puerto Rico, and I remember the moment I told my dad I wanted to be a business owner. He asked me why, and I said then what I still believe now: I want to help people.


To me, photography is more than photos. Photography is about the journey – the moments when we’re able to personally get to know your families, the friendships we form, and the nights we spend out with you at your favorite bar enjoying drinks together. Yes, we want to toast with you.


I’m inspired by symmetry, music, video games, and storytelling. And, you will most often find me reveling in the world and all its wonders with our son, Oliver. I’m genuine, caring, and level-headed. And, I’ve been told I’m everyone’s friend.


Photographing engagements and weddings allows me to always see the positivity that surrounds us.

I believe wholeheartedly that the world is a beautiful place when you truly live in it.



I'm marta and I live to help and serve.

I am a big city girl from Poland. I marvel at the rich culture, beautiful scenery, long history, and friendliness of the Polish people. When Rudy and I return home to my beloved country with our son, Oliver, I’m inspired all over again.


To me, photography means looking at the world with my eyes wide open. From shoes and flowers to expressions and stolen glances, I’m forever enamored with the details found on a wedding day. But, wedding details aren’t simply “things”. Instead, details are the items carefully chosen with immense thoughtfulness to express you. For that reason and more, they are worthy.


I’m inspired by books and imagery. I’m known as Rudy’s opposite – the introvert to his extrovert. I’ve been told by brides, grooms, and families alike that it’s my calming presence that most draws them toward me. I believe the best thing to do is to simply go with the flow.


Whether I’m spending an afternoon blowing bubbles with Oliver or capturing a new union, photography allows me to learn firsthand that sometimes the best, most memorable moments are the spontaneous ones when you simply say yes to living.

One thing you don't know about us

Our proposal was one big, grand gesture (or, perhaps, not). While sitting on the couch during an episode of “Friends”, I (Rudy) turned to Marta and said, “Will you marry me?” We eloped, and we’ve been binge watching our favorite shows together ever since. Marriage is the best.



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