A little bit more about Rudy&Marta
Here's a little bit about us.  When we aren't photographing couples, we like to spend our time together. We like to travel the world, and visit family in Poland and Puerto Rico. Seeing new things, trying new foods and different beers and wines everywhere we go. We are both nerds and geek out over tech and camera gear. Also, we are lucky parents to an awesome little boy, Oliver. We also have two pretty cool cats. Photography, above all else, is important to us. We hope that it's important to you all as well.

"Here's a little bit about us."

Rudy is all around nerd and tech lover. He has a way with a camera that is unlike any other. He's a fan of wide, open spaces and the great outdoors. He grew up on a farm in Puerto Rico and loves greenery. The way he interacts with couples is a part of what makes the photographic experience so easy. Give him a moment and you will feel like you are talking to an old friend. 

Marta takes an opposite approach with photography. She's the one that captures all the little details of your day. She captures close up shots full of emotions, pure joy and laughter that will fill your heart with remembrance and nostalgia. 

But enough about us. Every couple has a story. Every couple has unique relationship that shouldn't be hidden by stiff poses and false smiles. We take our time to learn about each and every single couple. We want them to be able to see their story through our photographs. Creating Images that make you FEEL. Let's get together, grab a coffee and talk about you and your story.
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