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As wedding photographers in Orlando, we've been to a few weddings. We've been to all sorts of wedding venues in Orlando. Every single one of these Orlando wedding venues has a unique character. We've photographed weddings everywhere from ballrooms to gardens to museums. For some brides, these might be perfect destination wedding venues since they have plenty of rooms on property. Others might be just right for a small intimate elopement or a full-fledged local wedding in Orlando.


We wanted to put together a list of the Top Wedding Venues in Orlando in order to give engaged couples a quick guide to each one. After all, picking one of the many wedding venues in Orlando is rough.


When Marta and I decided to set up this list, in alphabetical order, we wanted to showcase wedding venues that we believe are some of the best for your wedding photographs. Each location has several photo backdrops all within a few minutes of walking around. More importantly, we've been there before and have photographed weddings at each one of these Orlando wedding venues. We know first-hand why these are great locations. So let's get into it.


The Acre Orlando is one of the most unique and whimsical wedding venues in the Winter Park area. Every corner on the property has a unique story or character to it. The beauty of it is that one side looks like a completely different property depending on which angle you look at it from.


The ever-changing wedding venue is definitely something to look into.



Alfond Inn is part museum, part inn, part wedding venue. It's an integral part of Winter Park and Rollins College. When you walk in, all you feel is luxury and excellence. The entire property is full of wedding portrait opportunities. Marta and I love the greenery that's around the property as well as the architecture. It feels like Old Florida and has a rich history.




Of all the Orlando wedding venues, this is the only one that I know of to have such an exquisite art collection. You'll run into a multitude of artwork while walking around Alfond Inn.



Bella Collina is the epitome of wedding venues in Orlando. This is one of the most beautiful and unique venues in Central Florida. The roads leading up to the wedding space are full of greenery, shrubs, and of course the famous overpass. Every corner has something that is photo-worthy. The ceremony location oversees the golf course and surrounding hills.


The Tuscan feel of Bella Collina truly feels like you aren't in Orlando anymore.



Bok Tower Gardens is also one of our favorite engagement session locations. The gardens here are humongous! Luckily, the volunteers here allow us to take a golf cart and guide the bride and groom to beautiful locations that are in bloom.


Another thing that we love about Bok Tower Gardens is the fact that there are different things blooming at different times. Depending on the time of year, you might have a completely different wedding venue on your hands.



Bramble Tree Estate has our rustic, field loving hearts. We find something new each and every single time that we go there to photograph a wedding. The lush fields behind the property are perfect for any rustic loving soul. The property on-site is actually the owners' home. Marta and I always recommend that a couple goes with a tent here for the reception, it just adds a unique feel to it. Also, a tent is great in case it rains.


As far as Orlando wedding venues are concerned, Bramble Tree needs a team of vendors to really truly make your wedding day happen. As far as we know, not much is included with their wedding packages.



Museums are always a great place to have a wedding. The amount of art and class that’s all in one place is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. The ceremony site is beyond belief beautiful during the Fall and Winter. The reception area is usually outdoors, so a tent is recommended. Indoors, the reception area is perfect for an awesome wedding reception with plenty of pizzazz.



Casa Feliz is one of the museum locations that we mentioned earlier. It's nestled on Winter Park's Park Avenue. The house is filled to the brim with artifacts and artwork showing the history of the home.


Something to keep in mind is the normal ceremony location is facing west, so you might get the sun beaming down on you during the wedding. It all depends on the time of year that you're having your wedding. The architecture allows for some pretty epic wedding photos.


Cypress Grove Estate House is as about Old Florida as it could get. There's a lot of history there with the wedding venue and what they've done to continuously improve it. The ceremony location is perfect for sunset weddings.


We always recommend having a first look there, simply because of the location. Traffic can be rough around the rush hour because Orange Avenue is just outside the venue, so keep that in mind when picking a ceremony time. The market lighting in the reception area is on point. It's so romantic and had just enough light to make an impression on wedding guests.



Eagle Creek Golf Club is one of the few golf courses that we love photographing at. The surrounding Lake Nona area is continuously being developed and refined to complement the wedding venue.


The actual golf course is full of greenery with hidden paths and opportunities. Getting ready portraits are a breeze with the locker rooms being right next to each other on the bottom floor. The staff here are tremendously helpful throughout the wedding day. When comparing wedding venues in Orlando, also take into account the staff that's going to be there to make your wedding day happen.



Nestled in Winter Park, this venue exudes a whimsical atmosphere that’s only complemented by its epic sunsets and solar rays. The versatility of the venue itself is where everything really comes together. With its multiple ceremony and reception offerings, this venue can adapt to exactly what you’re looking for.


We’d always recommend that you get ready at another location if you have a large party as both the groom and the bridal getting ready area can get tight with larger wedding parties. Alfond Inn is a great location for getting ready and being nearby.



Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is surrounded by Walt Disney World Resorts. It's one of the luxury wedding venues in Orlando that we adore. It's connected to the Waldorf Astoria, so there's a variety of wedding portrait opportunities.


Something that I really liked with this wedding venue was the fact that they allowed for different ceremony sites. Depending on what you two had in mind, it could be anywhere on the property.


Also, because this is a luxury hotel, you can have plenty of traveling wedding guests stay right at the resort. Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is perfect for luxury destination weddings.



The Howey Mansion in Howey-in-the-Hills has a pre-prohibition feel. Many past Presidents and celebrities were known to visit the Howey Mansion for extravagant private parties and events.


With it's unique Spanish and intriguing design, the venue is full of luxury, mystery, and beauty. Now that the mansion is open for tours and events, this hidden gem is a wedding venue that shouldn't be missed.



This wedding venue is actually a bit of a hidden gem. Lake Mary Events Center has several options for ceremony sites, so you can get married at different times of the year without issues. If it's too hot or it's raining, then you can get married indoors, and the reception space is more than enough for large guest counts. It's definitely worth checking it out.




Part of the reason why we love this is because everything is in one place. The getting ready location for both the bride and groom are all within feet of each other. Then the ceremony site, cocktail hour, and reception site are all under the same roof. Out of all the Orlando wedding venues, this one is one of the most convenient.



Leu Gardens has a special place in our hearts. One of the first weddings that we ever photographed was here. This is another wedding venue that offers multiple wedding ceremony sites, with each one being vastly different from the last. Similar to other gardens, different times of the year offer different flowers. The rose garden can be so epic during the right time of the year.

Leu Gardens has a reception space that is pretty large. Most people that have a ceremony at Leu Gardens end up having a reception at Winter Park Farmers' Market.




Leu Gardens is one of the few Orlando wedding venues that give you a lot of bang for your buck. Check out their website and see if their pricing has changed or not.



Mission Inn Resort & Club is huge! I remember the first time that I went there for a networking event and found myself wondering if I was heading in the right direction. The venue is in Howey-in-the-Hills.

The beautiful thing about Mission Inn is that it's got three very large ceremony sites that are all very far apart from each other. There can be three weddings going on and none of the brides would ever know. Our favorite of the three locations is the Marina Del Ray. It's remote and has an awesome indoor reception space. Not to mention the bonfire pit to boot.




It's a little-known fact, but Walt Disney used to stay at the Mission Inn Resort while putting together the plans for Walt Disney World. I'm not sure if this was one of the few wedding venues in Orlando back then. If you walk right outside the lobby on the right, you can see a small mural of Mickey that was put up in his honor.



The Orlando Science Center is one of the geekiest wedding venues we've ever photographed a couple in. We freaking love it! There are so many nooks and crannies all around the building. The staff there are ridiculously awesome. They're willing and able to help out to make sure that we get the wedding portraits that you want.




The exhibits are always changing, so there's always something new. This place is easily one of the coolest Orlando wedding venues we've worked at.



Paradise Cove has so much already there. A few wedding venues in Orlando require additional vendors for décor or rentals, but not here. The market lighting is already there. The ceremony location is picturesque and with the right florist, it can be just gorgeous.


The grand exit by boat is an epic end to the evening. We've seen all sorts of grand exits though. All in all, a beautiful location.



Ritz-Carlton is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Orlando. The property is humongous. It's very easy to get lost here. The beautiful thing is that people are more than willing to help you here. The staff is exactly why the Ritz is known for their luxury experience.


There are plenty of ceremony locations on-site as well as reception space. It's perfect for Destination Weddings as well since it's a luxury hotel. If you're looking into having a luxury wedding experience, then this is the place to go.



The Winter Park Farmers' Market is a venue that can be easily seen as a blank canvas. The exposed ductwork and market lighting are one of my favorite things at this venue. It's in the heart of Winter Park's Park Avenue, so everything is relatively within walking distance.


A lot of people that have their wedding reception here have their ceremony at Leu Gardens. If you are going to have your wedding ceremony and reception here, then you have a few options.



The Winter Park Racquet Club is best explained as Tuscan meets Old Florida. This wedding venue has so much potential here. The reception dining room is flooded with light during the sunset. There's a dock, so the groom can come to the ceremony by boat. The ceremony location is overlooked by towering oak trees and Spanish moss. If you time it just right, your wedding ceremony will be full of rays of light.


As the day unfolds, you have the entire property at your disposal. You can use the pool area and everything up to the dock. Speaking of which, you two can have a sparkler exit leading up to the dock, with a boat waiting to take you off to enjoy your honeymoon.


When it comes to planning your wedding, you want to make sure that you have a venue that falls in line with your vision. Filter out all the venues in Orlando and find was fits just right. We hope that this list helps you choose one of the many Orlando wedding venues. This list of top wedding venues in Orlando will probably change over time. Overall, we want this to be a guide that helps couples find the right wedding venue for them.

If you'd like to learn more about our experience at these Orlando wedding venues, feel free to reach out to us. We're more than willing to talk more about what your vision for your wedding is.

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