Eagle Creek Golf Club Weddings

Eagle Creek Golf Club Weddings

Marta and I love Eagle Creek Golf Club Weddings.  All of the weddings there have been a joy to be a part of.  The staff at Eagle Creek are truly one of the best teams that we’ve worked with.  Honestly, they all seem genuinely happy to be a part of your wedding day.  The first time that we went there was for a networking event years ago, and we’ve been in love with the place ever since.  Looking back, we had no idea at how awesome Eagle Creek Golf Club was at the time.

Why we Love Eagle Creek Golf Club Weddings

As far as Golf Clubs go, we love Eagle Creek.  There’s a certain charm that’s there that’s hard to describe.  The reception hall exudes elegance.  More importantly, the ceremony site is also gorgeous and provides some solid opportunities for some epic wedding pictures.  After the ceremony, they provide a large golf cart that we can take onto the golf course to take wedding portraits.  A huge plus in our eyes is that the golf course is closed!  We’ve been to other golf courses where people were playing in the evening while the wedding was going on.  This was a huge plus for us.

Insider Info on Weddings at Eagle Creek Golf Club

The wedding venue is just off of 417!  In our eyes, this is pretty much accessible from anywhere in the Greater Orlando Area.  Another tidbit, Plan B is actually not bad at all.  We photographed a wedding in early summer there and it had just finished raining like crazy.  The wedding planner got everything ready for the Plan B ceremony site.  She moved everything under the covered drop-off at the entrance.  The wedding ceremony was held beautifully there.

Things to Keep in Mind

If it rains the day or night before, the ground will most likely be moist.  This might be a problem for some couples for the actual wedding.  I don’t think I’ve seen it done before, but an outside reception on the grass would be awesome!

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