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Love is Love! There is no other way to put it. We’ve always felt that way and have had plenty of friends in the LGBTQ community. When Marriage Equality was finally granted, we were stoked for all of our friends. Orlando Gay Weddings are just another way to celebrate love in the community. We are Orlando Strong!




Marta and I took a workshop years ago that talked about same-sex marriage and weddings. Equality Institute's very own Bernadette Smith came down from New England to talk about Gay Weddings in Orlando right before the marriage equality bill passed in Florida.


It was an eye-opening event as many local wedding vendors came to learn more about the sensitivities and what this meant for the LGBTQ community. Bernadette told a lot of stories of gay couples all across America and the hardship that they found with being able to have marriage equality. At the end of the workshop, we became “certified” in Gay Wedding Education.



Marriage is a milestone in a relationship that should be shared by all. It is truly a magnificent moment when two people decide to commit themselves for the rest of their lives. Our photography approach focuses on your journey to that milestone. That approach fits beautifully with the LGBTQ community and its journey towards marriage equality.

The fact of the matter is that Orlando Gay Weddings are just like any other wedding. We love the candid moments that come and go during the getting ready, ceremony, formals, wedding portraits, and reception. Does all of this sound like your perfect dream wedding? Reach out to us. Let’s have some coffee together. We would love to hear more about your wedding day and what you two have planned.


Check out some of our previous Orlando Gay Weddings below and see our work with same-sex couples.

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