Paradise Cove Weddings

Paradise Cove Weddings always have such a distinct and niche feel that it’s almost impossible not to love the place.  If you like the beach look even a little bit, then you will love the theme here.  There’s a lot of possibilities to incorporate your own personal touch to the venue.

Why we Love Paradise Cove Weddings

Paradise Cove is another wedding venue that has everything all in one place.  There’s a getting ready room for the groom, but there’s a getting ready house for the bride and her bridesmaids.  It’s perfect whether you have one or two photographers because there is no driving.  Once we’re there, that’s it.   If it’s the right time of year, the sun will set behind the trees.  The sun hits the back of the heads of the wedding guests as they look out to the lake and you two during the ceremony.

Insider Info on Weddings at Paradise Cove

The wedding venue is also a water jet ski when there isn’t a wedding going on.  There’s almost always something going on there.  A lot of couples have destination weddings there during the day.  It’s a very popular location with the United Kingdom and Australian engaged couples.

Things to Keep in Mind

You have the option to have a Smores Station next to open fire.  There’s a bar that’s outside of the reception area in a small hut.  You can have a Grand Exit with a boat on the dock.  There’s no need for a tent since the reception area is entirely covered and they already have stringed lights hanging from the ceiling.

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