The Wedding Day

From AM to PM

You know that moments and people in them are all that matter.

All you want is a carefree day.

A day surrounded by the people you love.


Wedding photography from your day should be full of laughter, tears of joy, and happiness.

Find a place that you two can be yourselves. Relaxed and stress-free with laughs and smiles at every turn. No fake poses or cheesy smiles, but real and genuine love. Simple, beautiful wedding photography.


All shot in a style as relaxed and easy-going as you two, with just a touch of formality to go with your Dom Pérignon.

The important moments are those you wish to never forget. Our wedding photography is there to make sure that you remember these precious moments forever after.

01. Prep Time

Marta's favorite part of the day. This is always when the magic happens. Old stories are told over champagne. Laughter fills the halls and rooms as you get dressed and ready for your awesome day. All of it captured with a fly on the wall approach.

02. The Jitters

The moments leading up to the ceremony are usually where you'll see your parents right before going down the aisle. A first look with your fiancé is the best. Dad seeing you beforehand might cause a tear or two to be shed. Take a deep breath, and get ready for the biggest adventure yet.

03. Ceremony

This is it! The moment that you've been waiting for all this time. We love seeing how the couple makes their wedding ceremony their own. There's usually tears, laughter, and plenty of jokes. All in the name of you two.

04. I Do

The moments after the ceremony are at a completely different level. The high is unlike anything else in the world. You married your best friend, and we're there to help you remember that exact feeling for the years to come.

05. This is Us

Moments. That's the best way to describe what we photograph. We spend time and focus on your relationship and who you are together. Every natural, organic moment between you two is photographed in order to preserve that emotion.

06. All in the Details

Planning a wedding takes time, dedication, and attention to detail. Marta is an expert at photographing details in unique settings. We are always looking to create unique photographs of all the details that help make your wedding extraordinary.

07. The Crew

These are your peeps! We'll photograph your childhood best friend shedding happy tears as you say "I do." We'll capture the proud look your parents give to each other during the ceremony. And if a guest tries to sneak in a picture during your unplugged ceremony, you'll know too. ;)

08. "For those of you who don't know me..."

There's one of two ways this will go. We'll either cry or we laugh. Maybe both. Who knows?

09. Just Dance

So much blackmail material, hehe. Let loose. Have a drink or two. Let's dance! From the first dance to the grand exit, we'll make sure to photograph all the big moments and the little ones in between.

10. The End

Or maybe we should call it The Beginning. The Grand Exit might be the end of the wedding day, but it's really the beginning of your life together!

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