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Puerto Rican Wedding Photographer | Destination Weddings | Rudy & Marta

This Puerto Rican wedding was to die for.  A little backstory before before we get into the nitty gritty.  We met Gabi and her mom back in the day.  I think it was late 2014, if I remember correctly.  I could be wrong.  We were at one of our first bridal shows.  I think we had done maybe four or five before that.  We never really got too much into it any earlier because of how we treated the business.

“It would make sense to take a Puerto Rican Wedding Photographer from Florida with them.  Especially someone they already know how to work with.”

Here comes Gabi and her mom.  All they talked about was doing an engagement session, which came out beautifully.  We were talking about going with them to Puerto Rico for the wedding and photographing it.  Initially, they said no.  They didn’t want to and all they were looking for was an engagement session for their save the dates and possibly their invitations.  We all agreed on simply having an engagement session.

I’d like to think that we blew them away with how much fun and how easy it was for them that they couldn’t help but take us with them to Puerto Rico, but what do I know?  Immediately after delivering some save the dates that Marta designed, we got an email from Gabi saying that she would love to have us go with them.  It would make sense to take a Puerto Rican Wedding Photographer from Florida with them.  Especially someone they already know how to work with.

Fast forward to February 28th, 2016.  We’re driving North from Caguas to San Juan in hopes to check into our hotel and getting ready for an amazing wedding.  The wedding passed by in a flash.  La Hacienda Siesta Alegre was a piece of paradise.  I can completely and totally understand why Gabi and Gabe wanted to get married there.  It’s a perfect representation of their love for each other and touches on their heritage and backgrounds.

“It sprinkled for about five minutes, but it was enough time for a rainbow to pop up on their Puerto Rican Wedding day.”

It sprinkled for about five minutes, but it was enough time for a rainbow to pop up on their Puerto Rican Wedding day.  Their reception was on point.  Everyone was on the dance floor at least once.  Everyone was active.  No one stopped partying.  Heck, they hit up a couple of bars after the wedding venue closed.  I still remember to this day hearing them down the hall in the hotel when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar (spoiler alert: they were stoked).

Something that we talked to them about was having a session around Old San Juan.  Kind of like a Trash the Dress session, but not.  At first, it was something that they were excited about, but didn’t really have any idea of what to expect.  In the back of my head, I knew exactly what was going to happen.  It was going to be the perfect touch to add to their Puerto Rican Wedding.  We were able to go all around Old San Juan, and take ridiculously epic pictures of them that no one else will be able to get.  I’ll save these images for another post.

It’s easy to say this: This was easily one of the most fun weddings we ever photographed.  The Puerto Rican Wedding photographs came out great.  We would do it again in a heartbeat.  Heck, we’d photograph weddings in other places aside from Puerto Rico.  Just let us know where.

puerto rico invitations

hacienda alegre crying bride

hacienda alegre groom socks

candid groom and groomsmen portrait

hacienda alegre epic groom shot

reception dinner menu

la hacienda alegre reception details

grace perfume and garter

groom writing vows

brides father getting ready

wedding details puerto rico

ceremony party favors

bride nail accent

groom memorizing wedding vows

bride wedding dress

best man getting ready

bride seeing herself for the first time

groom calling father of the groom

groomsman getting ready

father of the groom putting on socks

puerto rican wedding cake

bride and bridesmaids

hacienda siesta alegre detalles de la boda

groom boutonniere

guest walking into ceremony

bride waiting for ceremony

ring bearer puerto rico wedding

bride walking down the aisle

groom seeing bride for the first time

la hacienda siesta alegre ceremonia


ceremonial prayer pamphlet

bridesmaid bouquet

mother of the bride

bride crying during ceremony

first kiss hacienda siesta alegre

wedding party formal

funny wedding party picture

hacienda siesta alegre wedding

puerto rican wedding

puerto rican wedding photography

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ring shot in puerto rico

first dance hacienda siesta alegre

father daughter mother son dance wedding

mother of the bride speech

father of the bride speech

bride crying during reception speeches

best man speech

puerto rican ice cream

puerto rican coco

bride eating ice cream during reception

team groom photo booth

reception dancing

la hacienda siesta alegre wedding reception

black and white photo of boy bored at wedding reception

hacienda siesta alegre set up

father of the groom dancing

nighttime reception dancing outdoors

nighttime bride reception dancing flow dress

shot taking at wedding

soon to be engaged couple

fun reception picture

puerto rico reception

mother of the bride dancing reception fun

wedding guest that looks like pitbull

hacienda alegre couples last dance

hacienda alegre reception

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