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Emotional Wedding Photography | Editorial | Rudy & Marta

Okay.  So hear me out here.  I often make it a point to talk with couples and make sure that they feel comfortable with us.  That’s probably one of our most important, if not the most important thing about any wedding day.  We’re usually up for anything and never stop listening to what our couples say about how we work and how we get those images that they love.  With emotional wedding photography, we made it a point to make sure that there are moments to breath.  That there are moments to make sure that couples feel at ease.

“Personally and professionally, I can’t stress the importance of having emotional wedding photography done right.”

Every photographer has their own style of photography.  They edit their images a certain way.  They interact differently with couples and they make sure that things are done a certain way on the couples wedding day.  I think that everyone can agree with that thought.  Personally and professionally, I can’t stress the importance of having emotional wedding photography done right.  It’s nothing against the photographer, the couple, or the wedding.  It’s just something that I’ve found to be too common in the wedding photography world.  Everyone wants to be a model for the day.  They’re so focused on that that they forget to simply live in the moment and get married.

A goal that I want to set for myself for 2017 is to capture more images that speak to the emotional wedding photography that I crave.  That’s all that I really want.  I just want couples to be in love and for us to capture them.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I hope that it all makes sense and that you all can relate to what I’m talking about.  Less poses and more love.  Less cheesy and more emotional.  More feeling, emotion, and moments.

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