Bella Collina Weddings

Bella Collina is one of those wedding venues in Central Florida that make you forget that you’re in Orlando.  It’s hidden away in Montverde, FL.  The style that they’ve been going towards at Bella Collina is Tuscan.  There’s an immediate feel when you drive into the property.  Furthermore, there’s plenty to see here as there are fields of green alongside with small vineyards and oak trees.

Why we Love Bella Collina Weddings

That Tuscan feel is obvious in everything that they do.  From the locker rooms to the reception area, everything has that same feel and aesthetic.  The first time that we went there for a wedding, we were in awe at all of the photography opportunities.  The light hits the venue just right during the ceremony.  There are so many locations that we can go to and so many things that we can play with.  Bella Collina is really great at giving us a golf cart to talk you two around the venue.  We’re given free reign to go all over the place and it’s awesome!

Insider Info on Bella Collina

A lot of engaged couples dream about using Bella Collina when they’re searching for engagement session locations.  Unfortunately, the wedding venue will only allow couples getting married there to have their engagement session there.  Of course, they also are diligent in asking photographers for proof liability insurance and a business license.

Things to Keep in Mind

Needless to say, the venue is expensive.  If you’re going to get married there, then expect to have a larger budget.  A lot of couples fall in love with the idea of getting married there.  They decide to book the wedding venue and leave very little for the rest of the wedding.  It doesn’t always happen, but it’s something to consider.

Venue Details:

Max Guest Count: 250
Budget: $$$$$
Wedding Planner Required

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