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"Where should I have our engagement pictures taken in Orlando?" is one of the most common questions we get from couples. We always tell couples that a place that's important to them or has a personal connection is best for their engagement session locations. A couple of ideas that we throw around with couples are where they had their first date. Another idea would be where they met for the first time.


At the end of the day, all we really want is to have fun and hang out with you all. Marta and I want to make sure that we to a place that you two feel most comfortable.


Whether you're looking for a private garden or busy urban streets, Orlando, FL has plenty of engagement session locations to choose from. Check them out.


We have photographed more than a few couples here at Wekiwa Springs. The first time we went there, we realized very quickly at the potential this nature trail had when it came to engagement sessions. There are a lot of diverse locations and it seems to be changing from time to time. One time we went there and there was a prescribed fire going on, which leads to some awesome engagement pictures .


It's easy to get lost on its trails, so bring plenty of water and insect repellent.

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Harry P. Leu Gardens is always having events on site. It's very common to go there for an engagement session and find a bunch of people. We always recommend coming here during the week. The gardens are usually less packed, so it'll be great for more intimate engagement portraits.


We love the peaceful rose garden and the tall trees.

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Rollins College has an Old Florida charm that's hard to find elsewhere. The additions to the original foundation of the campus flow seamlessly. The dock, as well as the classrooms and library, all follow the same aesthetics. The dock is especially nice during the sunset.


Based on experience, Rollins College sees less traffic on campus during the weekend. It's a great option if a weekday engagement session isn't a possibility.

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Just outside of Rollins College is Winter Park's Park Avenue. It's a lively street full of restaurants, bars, and stores. There's plenty to see up and down the avenue. The lively atmosphere and different backdrops make it one of our favorite engagement session locations.


The sessions from here usually have more of a lifestyle feel.

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Nestled in the middle of Downtown Orlando is Lake Eola. There's a lot of activity here. People are usually jogging around during the week. Weekends are even busier. We definitely recommend coming during the week.


Let's not limit it to Lake Eola though, we can quickly go to plenty of locations in Downtown Orlando to add a little diversity. The tall buildings add for some dramatic shots during the sunset.

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If you want the opposite of Lake Eola, check out Mead Gardens! It is full of towering oak trees and even has a small butterfly garden. This place is usually almost entirely empty. There's a bit of activity on the weekends, but overall the place is very tranquil.


We've taken a few couples here and have had entire engagement sessions without seeing another soul. There's a lot of history here and plenty of nature. It's worth checking out.

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Dapper, Disney, and funnel cake - those are probably the best ways to describe Disney's Boardwalk. The funnel cake there is Marta's favorite, by far. The look here is very clean and vibrant with plenty of colors. The dock that leads up to the lighthouse is awesome and great for wide open portraits.


One thing that I do need to say is that it's always busy, no matter what day or time of year. There's always foot traffic here.

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This place is about as Main Street USA as you can get. There's a small theater with a charming coffee shop nearby. There's a few bars and restaurants as well. Heck, there's even a brewery near the City Hall. By the way, the City Hall is beautiful as well.


There's plenty of opportunities here for engagement pictures throughout the day. All of them have a different feel and style.

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Sydonie Mansion is a bit of a hidden gem. A lot of people still don't know about it, but we definitely love that we discovered the location. It's a primarily a wedding venue. The owners still live there, so engagement sessions are rare and you need to seek permission.


The venue has a boathouse and a beautiful garden. There are so many opportunities for epic engagement pictures here. It's definitely worth checking out.

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Parking garages are a photographers dream! There a lot of opportunities here to play with lights and shadows and it's very urban. Most parking garages are the same as far as function and design. The big thing is that there's light that's controlled no matter what time of day it is. We can get some pretty epic engagement pictures.


Also, there are parking garages all over Orlando, so they're super accessible.

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This place is absolutely gorgeous! Both Marta and I love coming here for engagement sessions. A lot of our engaged couples see the pictures from Bok Tower Gardens and the tall Bok Tower and Pinewood Estate and are instantly inspired. There's plenty of hidden spots around the property that are full of opportunities to have candid moments captured. The grounds are constantly changing and new flowers are always blooming.

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Deland has this small town feel that is indescribable. The last time we were there we went to Stetson University to take engagement portraits. Like Rollins College, there was a lot of liveliness during the week. It was one of our favorite engagement session locations in Deland, FL.

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The oldest city in the US has much charm and character to it. Full of so much rich history, this seaside city has different backdrops and angles. Every time that we go to have an engagement session, we find something new. The sessions are full of amazing colors, lighting, and passion.


Every single time that we go to St. Augustine for a session, we always go to Pizza Time. The best northern pizza this far south. If you haven't been, then you should check it out.

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The Ringling Museum has a lot of history. The diverse look of the museum has a lot to do with the travels of the Ringling family. They brought home plenty of treasures from all over the world back to their home and estate. The grounds, for the most part, are free to see and go on. There's a bunch of different things here.


We loved the portraits that we got here.

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