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It was Tuesday morning (spoiler: Wedding Album got DELIVERED!).  It’s kind of our lazy day.  We’re both off.  We both usually don’t plan anything.  It’s our “Sunday” of sorts.  Usually, I don’t like to sleep in too much, so I set my alarm for 10:30 a.m.  I never get to sleep in much anyways because our cats start meowing around 8:00 a.m. for food.

I wake up, eyes blurred (I wear glasses), and stumble around for my glasses.  Slowly, I creep out of bed and gain my balance.  My knees and toes pop (totally normal, I swear) as I walk into the kitchen.  I reach for the food, feed the cats, and crawl back into bed.  God, it was so comfortable!  I snooze away into Dream-ville.

I hear a noise, and go back into a deep sleep.  Then, out of no where, I hear Marta’s voice saying, “…the door.  I heard it.  Get it.”  Round two, I wake up, eyes blurred…well, you get the idea.

I walk to the door and look through the peep hole.  I saw nothing.  Out of curiosity I look at the small windows next to the door.  Still, there was no one. In my PJ’s, I open the door and see no one.  As I’m about to close the door, I notice a box about the size of a large book hidden in the corner of our entrance.  Confusingly, I pick it up.  In my sleepy daze I take it back to Marta and her eyes open right up with excitement.

“I knew that it was the wedding album that we ordered last week.”

Right then, she knew exactly what it was without even opening it.  There was a moment of silence.  It was one of those moments where we kind of have a whole conversation while just looking at each other. I knew that it was the wedding album that we ordered last week.  We looked from vendor to vendor to vendor searching for the best deal/price/turn around to a sample album order.  Eventually, we designed a sample wedding album, placed the order, and hoped for the best as far as time was concerned.

Anyways, we’re so excited to have a sample album to show to all of our clients.  We were like little kids on Christmas morning tearing the box apart to get to the good stuff.  Here are a couple of shots that I took while Marta was studying.

Orlando Wedding Album Spine

Orlando Wedding Album Pages

It’s leather bound, but other options are available. Some are even eco-friendly.

Orlando Wedding Album

The cool thing about it is that it’s a flush mount album, so there’s barely any creasing visible between pages.  That’s a huge plus, and it allows for panoramic spreads.

Orlando Wedding Album Cover

Orlando Wedding Photogaphy

Here’s the lovely Robin with Chris by her side. 🙂

Wedding Album Box

The pages are a little thick for long lasting life of the album.  They’re also Lustre coated to protect the images from finger printing and color fading.

It’s an album that’s going to last a lifetime, just like a wedding album should.  We’re probably going to be dorks about it and hold onto this sample album until we’re old and grey.  All in all, it’s another great addition to our products that we offer. 🙂


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